Count Down To Lollibop!

We LOVE Lollibop! It’s ‘the big bash for little people’, a proper festival but all aimed at children and it’s back again for 2014! Whoop, whoop! If you haven’t been then you might just be missing the best treat of the year cause it’s absolutely brilliant! Last year we had a brilliant time and with our highlight being Katie Ashworth’s show we went on to be inspired to have an ‘I Can Cook’ party for Florence’s birthday! We wonder what treats will be in store for this year’s event which is to be held at a brand new venue!

This page is my count down to the big festival and you can see all my posts here:

Our Lollibop Best Bits 2014 In Pictures!

Lollibop 2014 – Take 2!

Lollibop 2014!

Little Tikes Town At Lollibop!

Thomas Come To Lolli!

Lollibop Calls Princesses And Pirates To Hit The High Seas!

We’re Lollibop Festival Ambassadors!

Lollibop’s All Star Line Up!

Lollibop 2014 Announcement!

Lollibop 2011 and 2012
Enjoying Lollibop 2011 and 2012!

Enjoying Lollibop 2011 and 2012!


Lollibop 2013 was awesome!

I have not been paid to write about Lollibop.

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