Who am I? (and my contact details if you need to know more)!

I’m Mummy, wife, daughter, friend, actress, writer, blogger… I’m Ruth.

Moi, Me, Ruth!

I live in London with Jonny, he’s my musician husband but I always want to call him my boyfriend… Sounds less grown up!

He likes to dance at weddings and this one was ours!
And together we made these lovely little people…

Beautiful Florence.
And my gorgeous Jimmy.

I write about all the fun things we get up to, family life, products which assist with our day to day and anything which pops into my mind! I’m opinionated and not afraid to show it but I never mean to offend anyone! Hope you enjoy reading and find something which interests or helps!

If you’re a PR and would like to work with me or if you just want to get in touch then please do one of the following:

email me: [email protected]


Follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby

3 thoughts on “Who am I? (and my contact details if you need to know more)!

  1. Hi – wondered if you might be able to help?

    I’m currently studying for my Masters and am looking for mums with children aged 3 years and under to complete an online questionnaire relating to their antenatal and childbirth experiences. Would really appreciate your help in letting mums know.

    If you’re able to promote the link in any way, it would be very much appreciated as I need as many completed responses as possible. The survey can be accessed via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ABEQ2

    If you’re able to re-post the survey link on your blog, Facebook pages/groups; Tweet it or distribute it via any other forum that you think may be relevant – it would make an enormous difference.

    Thanks in advance for participating and/or re-posting my survey link.


  2. HI,

    I am trying to collect the AVE information for the work that the PR department of Ware Anthony Rust has done over the last year.

    Would you mind letting me know how much you would charge for a full editorial page on your website?

    Kind Regards

  3. Alright mate, it’s Victoria here. I thought I’d check your blog out and it’s ace. Just wanted to say you should update your about me section cos there’s only two kids on there and they’re dinky. It was the first thing I clicked on when I got to the end of the main page. See you Tuesday. Mwah xx

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