Smile Baby, You’re On Camera!

The Lindam Clarity Digital Video Monitor has quite literally changed my life in a way I thought it couldn’t possibly. I’ve long been a fan of co-sleeping, my husband thinks it’s because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to get out of bed but really it’s because I worry so much, plus being up and down all night is just not good for you (ok perhaps there’s a little laziness on the side)! When Florence was born it became quite apparent that […]

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Red Cross First Aid Challenge!

Last weekend I attended a  taster first aid course with the British Red Cross. They are launching the First Aid challenge  because surveys suggest that two-thirds of the nation do not know basic first aid and their aim is to change this! As the mother of small children the fact that I have not been on a first aid course specifically for children does make me worry. I have taken a British Red Cross course for adult first aid but because this was with my old […]

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Winx Club Launch Series 5!

Last weekend we were invited to a party which promised lots of pink, glitter and dolls with wings! Being the mother of a very nearly three-year old girl and how could I decline! We personally had never heard of the Winx Club before because until now Florence has been too young for it but after a quick google I knew instantly that it was something once introduced to, she wouldn’t be looking back from – I wasn’t wrong. So, for those of you not […]

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Sassy Bath!

Jimmy’s getting to that age where he really enjoys a bath and despite an array of bath toys that his sister uses she’s not terribly keen on handing over her booty to her baby brother. I suspect it’s her age because she used to be such a good sharer but recently both her and her friends have got a little proprietorial over their things! Anyway, it’s lovely to have things of your own so Jimmy now has his own little […]

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Swim Nappy Happy!

I stopped going swimming for a bit last winter due to feeling cold but I’m determined not to this year because I don’t want Florence to lose the confidence she gained on holiday and I want Jimmy to feel natural in the water. Looking at my friend’s children who have kept their swimming regular since they were babies and I can definitely see that they are more comfortable in the water than Florence was until our holiday; being a strong […]

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LEGO a go go! Create a vehicle for the new film!

Keeping children entertained all holidays long is a bit of a task isn’t it?! Without our usual routine of school/playgroups and other term time activities I often find myself spending lots more money on finding ways to keep them entertained, especially in the colder months and end up with none of my household chores done either! It’s not as easy as summer when you can throw them into the garden and keep an eye while you get on with your […]

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Everyone’s Opinion Counts!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting! Do you ever find when pregnant that everyone else has an opinion for you! You always hear (and even from complete strangers) how big or small or lopsided or low or high your bump is as if it is their right to give you their thoughts on the subject! I know that I too am guilty of it, only couple of weeks ago I exclaimed to a fellow blogger how small her bump is. […]

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Dangerous Lady!

Pre children and I was often to be found in the theatre, be it performing myself or watching a play. Post babies and I don’t often get the chance these days unless it’s to see something which is for the children. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shows we see as a family, theatre, all theatre is very important to me but sometimes it’s nice to go and watch something which doesn’t have characters with names like Iggle Piggle […]

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Vax Air3! A Super Duper Vacuum Hero!

We live in a two bedroom flat where space is a premium! We don’t have any storage at all! Not even an airing cupboard and all our household gubbins has to be stored in a small area at the top of the stairs behind a screen. It’s not ideal especially when you need all the same stuff for a small flat that you need for a big house; the same ironing board, clothes dryer, vacuum etc. Our old bagless upright […]

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Tiny Love Activity Gym! WIN! WIN! WIN!

Fancy winning one of the best activity gyms on the market for your baby to enjoy his or her formative months in style with? Well look no further! I have long been a fan of Tiny Love products with my first purchase ever being one of their wonderful Gymini Activity Gyms and after watching my daughter have so much fun with it I haven’t looked back! Tiny Love, whose products will be available at this weekends Baby Show in Earls Court, […]

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