Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy!

People often ask me why my blog is called ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby’ and I always say it’s because of Jonny. My husband is a massively talented musician, singer and song writer and it was always my intention to include Daddy’s songs on the blog. Somehow I never got round to it but we’re going to change all that and start living up to our name!

Back in the day I used to follow my Jonny around London as he gigged with various bands. I went to ALL of his gigs! And when I say all I mean all! I only missed the ones he did outside of the capital and they were always so much fun! He’s almost ‘made it’ loads of times but never quite got his big break… Yet! He’s wicked, I know I’m biased but he really is! He’s supported Kaiser Chiefs, Supergrass and Space to name but a few and I have many, MANY stories to tell about those gigging days. (Not that they’re over!) I will tell them in future posts I promise; I’ll tell you about the time he wore my mini Super Girl T. Shirt and my Grandma’s fur coat on stage, the time I almost didn’t get in to the gig and the one where a girl flung herself up on the stage at him and I had to bat her down plus LOADS more. Some day I’ll post about the song he wrote for me many moons ago, not yet, I don’t think I want to share it just yet but soon! So come back for more news on our ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy’!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy Has A New Page (And A New Recording)!

Introducing… Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy!

Jonny sings 1
Our Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy!

6 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy!

  1. Good idea, looking forward to your blogs. Sharing life experiences can be fun as well as a learning experience etc.

  2. I do love the name of your blog. A massive music fan and FINALLY got to see my beloved band this year! Only waited about 20 years for that moment. 🙂 Worth every second of the wait too.

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