Very Easy How To Knit Baby Booties!

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Very Easy How To Knit Baby Booties!

I love to knit but am not particularly good at following complicated patterns and instead prefer simple, easy to do projects that I don’t have to constantly be on YouTube for to find out how the next bit is done… I also like a really quick end result and knitting something small like baby booties gives just that while still being impressive and a really lovely gift for someone expecting a baby.

Lots of baby bootie patterns are over complicated and require more sewing up than I would ideally choose but this pattern, which I found somewhere I can’t remember and think I have changed slightly over time, is brilliant because you knit one small piece, fold it over and sew it together. Each bootie takes me about 45 minutes to knit (I’m not particularly fast) and then a further few minutes to sew up as it’s simply folded in half and then sewn up around the edge only. I like how the top part of the sock is ribbed which looks very impressive but is actually extremely simple. That’s how I see it – extremely simple. There are various complicated patterns for children’s clothes that I try to avoid, as either it takes a lot of time and experience which I don’t have. Therefore, I will share with you my method of knitting simple baby booties.

Knitting Baby Booties

Here is my step by step guide for knitting newborn booties which I have done in pink for this post but of course, could be any colour.

You will need one ball of soft yarn and 4mm knitting needles.

You need to know how to cast on, cast off, knit two together, knit stictch (garter) and pearl stitch. If you are unsure on any of those things then a quick google for a YouTube tutorial will help.

1) Cast on 34 stitches leaving a long thread at the end.

2) Knit (garter stitch) 14 rows.

3) Knit two together at the beginning of the next two rows.

Leaves 32 stitches

4) Cast off the first three stitches at the beginning of the next two rows.

Leaves 26 stitches


5) Starting with knit stitch knit two, pearl two for the next 14 rows. The second rown starts with pearl, the third row starts with knit and so on.

6) Cast off leaving a long thread at the end.

7) Fold over so that the two halves match each side.

Knitting 1

8) Begin sewing up around the edge using the threads from casting on and off before finishing off by weaving the left over yarn from each point into the bootie.

9) Turn inside out so that the right side is visible.

Knitting Bootie 1

10) Turn down the top part of the sock and your booties are finished.

Knitting Baby Booties 1


6 thoughts on “Very Easy How To Knit Baby Booties!

  1. I need to know how to knit a bootie using a loom and very basic instructions. I’m just learning and don’t know how to read the patterns.

  2. Thank you
    Beginning knitter but I have made a pair of socks.
    The patterns for easy booties were difficult for me. Yours is the easiest. The family has twins coming and another baby so I needed something easy and quick!
    This is !!!
    Thanks again

    1. Ah I’m so pleased. I’ve a couple of really easy patterns for things like mini Christmas stockings, or Easter bunnies (they are just one square). That’s the extent of my own really but one blogger I always follow, for easy to knit baby cardigans, is Marianna’s lazy days. Mostly free patterns that are easy to follow and come together really easily. Congratulations on the twins! x

  3. Hello, I am beginning knitter and like your easy bootie pattern. However I want to do for size 0-6 month baby so can please let me know how many stitches I need to cast on and how I decrease them to get a shape.
    Also can I add ribbon as a decoration on finished bootie. Thank you

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