Monster High – Frightmares Centaurs!

As you might have noticed on the blog before, we like a bit of Monster High and Florence has been playing with one of the new ‘Fright Mares Cantaurs’ collection this week.

Monster High

Monster High™ is filled with so many secret doors, passageways and portals, you never know what you might find within its halls, or even its walls – and deep within the catacombs of everyone’s favourite school live half centaur-half unique monsters! These spookeriffic monster mash-ups are real Fright-Mares™! Meet characters like Pyxis Prepstockings™, half Pegasus and half centaur; Frets Quartzmane™, part gargoyle, part centaur; Bay Tidechaser™, a combination of sea horse and centaur; Aery Evenfall™, a mix of nightmare and centaur; These unique creatures have their own freaky flaws and flawesome fashions, From preppy polo player to monsterrific rocker, the Fright-Mares™ are just clawesome!

Florence was sent Aery Evenfall from the range who is purple, one of her favourite colours so that was an instant hit and despite not having any other similar toys, she instantly incorporated Aery into her small world play mixed up with the bigger Monster High dolls that she has and similar. Florence particularly likes her bony wings and pretty face with cute horns but is slightly disappointed that there is nothing to brush her hair with. It used to be that all dolls of this type came with their own hair brush and I’ve noticed more and more recently that lots of them aren’t – it’s a shame especially as Florence ALWAYS notices when one isn’t in the box.

Find out what Florence thinks about her new doll in her latest Vlog (here) over on her YouTube channel Florence’s Toy Box.

Monster High 1


We were sent the Monster High doll for the purpose of an honest review.