Meet The Team!

Mummy, actress, writer, newspaper columnist and blogger Ruth Davies.

I began blogging back when my first daughter Florence was born over a decade ago as a way to channel creativity. Somehow (with a lot of hard work) it became a career and led to me writing professionally both on the blog and for other publications. I am the parenting columnist for both The Daily Star Sunday and the Eastern Daily Press and I still rather have my eye on that book (don’t we all?) and a few screen plays partly written but always in the pipeline. Perhaps some day I’ll write something to act in. You never know!

Jonny is a musician and teacher as well as Daddy to our 4 little Rocknrollerbabies. We have been together for over 20 years and from the days of following him around London as he supported bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Space and Supergrass to these days where he mainly plays his guitar just for us, he puts up with all the social media I subject him to!

The gang are Florence, Jimmy, Raffie and baby Posie who are the Rocknroller Babies!

We have a lot of supporting cast in this family but the main player is Gram. She hates being on the blog, hates being on social media, hates being put in the paper… But she loves us so she allows it all anyway!

Contact: [email protected] / Instagram