Wonderbly Do It Again And It’s Not Just For Kids!

Wonderbly Do It Again And It’s Not Just For Kids!

I’m a huge fan of the Wonderbly books and we have a lovely little growing collection for the children. Special books to keep forever with not just sweet little stories but actually a really personal element too. I find with a lot of personalised books they can be a little underwhelming but Wonderbly seem to knock that notion well and truly on the head with theirs. They aren’t just doctored books to make the child’s name appear, perhaps with an illustration which slightly resembles them and some key words thrown in here and there to represent the recipient, they are way more than that. So much attention has been poured into their books and with fantastical ideas like the “Where Are You” books running alongside the nursery rhymes books for small ones, they simply stand up on their own as personalised books rather than a limp story with a name added in. Like I said, big fans!

But you might not know that Wonderbly books aren’t just for children! They’re for grown ups too. You can create one of their classics like the “Where Are You?” series but you can also choose other titles which are really interesting and not just for novelty value to boot.

We have been working with Wonderbly again recently and we are customers too I must point out) and just ordered Jonny a “Book Of Everyone”, the “Book Of Jonny” which we’ve all been reading with much hilarity as well as interest.

The “Book Of Everyone” is personalised with a photograph and facts about you dependent on your date of birth and it’s utterly brilliant. Filled with facts and fun things all about the date Jonny was born, with a view to looking ahead to his next birthday (you can also just order for the age you are right now) and we think it’s absolutely fantabulous! It made us laugh and it made us go “ooh, really?!”

I don’t want to give the game away, the site certainly doesn’t give the details of what’s in the box so to speak because that would ruin it but the facts, the little pieces of history and weaving into it Jonny’s information is so incredibly clever that the children and I spent ages looking at it before we gave it to Daddy!

This is just another really very special gift in a book that we will treasure – I can’t wait to get them for the rest of us!


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