Books2Door For Christmas 2023!

Books2Door For Christmas 2023!

The greatest gifts are always going to be books for a multitude of reasons: You can find something for everyone, they are environmentally friendly as can be passed on and on and on, books invite imagination, educationally even a very non-educational book gifts learning in the reading, reading promotes happiness and calm, reading offers a life skill, books to read yourself are exciting but books to read to children can be even more so, they are inexpensive and even if you buy the wrong one, they can always be re-gifted.

A book is then, the perfect present!

For Christmas 2023 Books2Door have you covered for all the people you wish to spoil this season and you don’t even have to leave your home to pick one up. Just as it says on the tin their books are delivered straight to your door and you can even add gift wrapping to your purchase to save you the hassle – what could be better?

From subscriptions for all ages right through to adults, to classics and favourites, fiction and non-fiction and if you really cant’s decide from their thousands of titles to choose from you have the option of buying a gift card so that your giftee can choose some for themselves. It really is the easiest service and with Books2Door specialising in sets, now’s the time to invest in some that will really spark the interest in those you love and want to shower with gift giving this Christmas.

We love to read to our children and now we have reached a stage where the little two will settle down together of an evening for a longer story we have started to introduce chapter books to the night time routine. We still read a couple of little books each bed time too but the chapter books are engaging them together in a very sweet way where they look forward to going to bed to hear what happens next and I’m very much all over it. My Dad used to read to me in such performative ways with incredible voices and delivery of the tales that I still remember lots of the books he read to me even now. I adored the Roald Dahl stories the most with brilliant words like “snozcumbers” and exciting, enchanting and fantastical stories that I wanted to read them all to the little two as well. We had a few for my older two who loved them but we have passed them on over the years so a box set from Books2Door of the 15 book collection has been the perfect present for our tiny two!

The reason I chose The Roald Dahl collection for this month’s Books2Door review is because they are so versatile, almost everyone loves them and they’re great to be read to from, or to try and read yourself. The very first “bog book” I read to myself was “George’s Marvellous Medicine” after being read other books from his series by my Dad, I hope to gift Raffie the very same enjoyment in Roald Dahl stories that I discovered – I think the interest has been piqued!

A gift that will keep on exciting them and be read and loved for years to come – you can’t ask for more than that now can you?!


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