Tonies Box For Christmas!

Tonies Box For Christmas!

When it comes to the Tonies Box I literally have nothing negative to say. It’s a great price for the item it is, Tonies boxes are built really well to withstand the attention from small children they invite, and they just work perfectly too. A small child like Posie knows exactly how to turn on, turn up, change, rewind or forward her Tonies box stories, and to boot, the individual Tonies that you buy separately (making this a toy which can be added to at every present giving point) are so fun to look at, display and enjoy in more ways that simply listening to them. A LOT of small world play happens with ours!

Now, if you’re not familiar with the brand then the Tonies Box is essentially a story telling cube for audio books read to your children by either the pre recorded actors who bring famous stories to life, or, you can record your own. There are two types of Tonies (the figures which sit on top of the Tonies Box to activate which story is to be read), the character Tonies (choose from hundreds, the character will depict the story, so Frozen is Elsa, you get the Gruffalo telling his own story and Stick Man is on hand to go off on his adventure outside the family tree with you. Or, the creative Tonies are where you (or a family member who doesn’t even live in the same house as you) can record to the Tonie so that when the child pops him on the Tonies Box, your voice is the one to read him or her a bed time story. I love that this can be done from afar and Grandparents can leave a good night message via the Tonies Box!

It doesn’t end there though, it did when we were first introduced to Tonies but they’ve grown. Slowly in a really thoughtful way, there aren’t any gimmicks, but now the Tonies Box collection is more than just stories. So, you can buy a Tonies that plays white noise for nap times, cuddly Tonies, a night light Tonie, or how about the Podcast Tonie which gives a new story, jokes and challenges every single day (I actually love that one and am going to get it for Raffie), it will also store up to two week’s worth of podcasts if you don’t listen daily – a new 10 minute show is created every single day! There’s an advent Tonie, a Christmas carols one and then you can buy the classics told all on little Tonies too, they don’t have to be Disney related or the like. Tonies also sell accessories like head phones (you can use any head phones however) and cases and there’s always something new, useful and clever that can be added on for the next birthday.

With a Tonies Box you don’t have screen time, it’s just wholesome story telling which we find works really well for getting the children to settle down for the day and to be really calm so that they can switch off and have a great night’s sleep. This isn’t to replace reading to your children (we do that too) and it isn’t always something they do solo, it’s a great opportunity for you to listen together. I actually find it very relaxing too and love the music that comes with lots of the stories.

Choose from six different colours (the accessories can be matching or contrasting) and my best advice is to buy a bundle set as they’re terrific value and really get someone’s collection going as that consists of the box in your colour choice which comes with a matching creative Tonie and then a selection of Tonies which you can either choose yourself or come in a pre-chosen collection. It’s a great way to start collecting your Tonies and cheaper too.

Honestly, honestly, honestly this is one of the very best presents you can buy for a child and with stories that cater to older children (Roald Dahl books and things like National Geographic and Horrible Histories provide charming and educational value) too the box can take them up to around the age of 10 I’d say. So it’s got legs! When Raffie left nursery we bought them as a collective, a box to keep in the setting. We thought it would be a great one for the nursery to add to and have in their quiet corner and they loved it. We give it very much a massive thumbs up!

The Tonies boxes are very easy for small hands to control, the volume is increased and decreased by pressing the incredibly tactile ears and to move a story on you tilt it. The Tonies stay on because they are magnetic and again, easy to hold themselves for small hands. Our shelf is magnetic and they all stick to that until plucked to be listened to – ours is from Dunelm! The other thing the kids love is being able to swap them with friends for loans so that if you haven’t got a story you can listen to a friends while he or she listens to yours for a few weeks. They’re great!

A simple Tonies Box which comes with one creative Tonies is currently £79.95, bundles start at £114.99 (for the starter set with a creative Tonie plus 3 Tonies of your choice).

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I was gifted a Tonie and some Tonies recently but we are also customer and have been for some time.

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