Wroxham Barns For Every Occasion!

Wroxham Barns For Every Occasion!

I was at play group yesterday listening to some other Mums talking about how they’d ended up spending a small fortune at a pumpkin patch in Norfolk over half term and how unreasonable it all was. The place they’d been had charged them for the pumpkin (x 2 came to £12), charged them for the carving, the crafts and other activities and on top of that the experience had lasted only about an hour and a half. They said they could have pushed it out for another hour perhaps but the weather was abysmal and adding wet and cold to their now “poor” status wasn’t appealing. Not so funny, despite the farms hilarious promise of a name!

I chipped into the conversation that by comparison we’d been to Wroxham Barns where tickets for children had been just £14.99 (we were gifted ours) and as well as all the usual fun of the farm, rides and play equipment in the fun park, soft play and field of fun (which changes with each season), they had their Halloween potion school, actors taking on the role of helping children with the activities and playing games with them, a maze maze AND a pumpkin patch which was soggy, sure, but each child got to take a pumpkin home with them and even carve it before they left in a dedicated tent with all equipment provided. The other Mums looks a little dumbfounded at the difference, especially when I told them if it had rained on a visit they’d have been given a free return ticket for another trip. I mean, can you say fairer than that?! One of them even came up to me a bit later and asked me to state again all the things Wroxham Barns had offered and she shook her head in wonder at the waste of money she’d discovered when she could have done this instead!

We really did have the most brilliant day on the farm for Halloween. We were lucky with the weather so didn’t geta return ticket but we know we’ll always be back anyway. In fact, we were back a week later for their low bang firework display which I’d booked a while ago knowing that Posie hated the loudness of the last year but that I love them so much I wanted to find a way to still be able to take her to a display. Last year she had clung to me, face buried into my coat with her little heart beating so fast and loud it felt like it might jump out of her chest. I couldn’t get out as we were throngs of people into the crowd so we had to weather it and console her as best we could. I wasn’t prepared to do that again so low bangs, set to Disney music it was and wow! We were not disappointed.

The ticket cost £65 which covered up to 6 people (perfect for us), we got our own pitch where we could set up our chairs and fireworks camp for the evening at 5.30pm and then we were free to buy food from the stalls on the field or go to the restaurant, enjoy a couple of hours in the farm and on the rides and then take our seat to watch the absolutely terrific display. Posie wasn’t scared one bit. In fact, she loved every second and I caught a couple of absolutely amazing moments on camera as she was wowed to begin with and then so happy to hear Elsa singing. It made my night!

They will have a similar evening on New Year’s Eve which I’d have booked straight away we loved it so much but of course, that’s Florence’s birthday and we have other plans however, we will be back for fireworks night next year for sure! The only thing I’d do differently next time would be to eat in the restaurant where we’d have got to sit down and order at the same time. We made the mistake of ordering burgers from one van, chips from another and something else from a third vendor which proved quite tricky with there being 6 of us. Aside from that it was the perfect evening!

I’d always recommend Wroxham Barns, from their special events to the every day, you get so much bang for your buck and with it all being under one roof what could be better?! Their Christmas experience looks set to be mega this year too and we can’t wait to get to experience that also. Another Mum on the school run recently asked me if I thought it would be worth the money and without even a hint of knowing what was on offer, or how much it would be, I told her that I knew it would be!

The Christmas Experience at Wroxham Barns looks bigger and better than ever before and now that I do know a little of what’s in store I’m even more certain that it will be worth every single penny! You can also spread the cost of it if you book now by paying just 25% in deposit which is pretty handy! On selected dates from the 25th of November to the 24th of December you are invited aboard the Wroxham Barns North Pole Express to festive season itself with Santa’s Grotto (each family will receive a personal moment with Father Christmas), an all singing and dancing show with Mrs Claus (which will run every hour, on the hour), the chance to mix your own reindeer food, a visit to the Wroxham Barns North Pole post office (children can write their letter and post it to the big man with the help of his elves), you can get crafty in the elves workshop and every child gets to pick a toy to take home for Christmas from Santa’s Toy Shop! (There is another activity of building your own teddy but this comes at an additional charge, everything else is included in the ticket price)! GET 20% OFF THEIR OPENING WEEKEND USING THE CODE ROCKNROLLERBABY20 AT THE CHECKOUT!

Of course all the usual fun on the farm is also going to be a part of your day which will cost £30 per child, £10 per under 2, £22 for each adult and can I highly, highly recommend eating at WB, the food is really good and very well priced. We LOVE the afternoon tea there which is an extremely reasonable £13.99 all year round but for the special festive menu there is an exclusive seasonal afternoon tea which can be booked for dates between the 13th of November and 24th of December for £16.50 per person – I’d add that into your day if you can as I know it will be incredible!

This was us at the Wroxham Barns Christmas last year – I just know they’re going to wow us again this year, they keep getting bigger and better, I don’t know how they do it but they always pull it out of the bag!

Sometimes we are very lucky and become guests of Wroxham Barns for our visits, but we do also pay to visit on other occasions – because we love it and I wouldn’t ever recommend somewhere if we didn’t put our own hands in our pockets and pay to visit them ourselves too. It’s very easy to see the good in places if you’ve been offered a freebie, the proof always lies in if you’d spend your own hard earned cash on something, and we would, we do and we always will, that’s really important to me!

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