Christmas At The Garage 2023 – Norwich!

Christmas At The Garage 2023 – Norwich!

Christmas at the Garage is known for it’s “My First” series which caters to smaller children, from babes in arms to school age their immersive, fun and often traditional with a twist performances have delighted my children over the years. they are a great way to introduce theatre to small ones as there aren’t any rules, the children can be within the performance rather than just watching it and they’ve really changed the face of the family theatre scene in our county. Before I left for London many years ago we didn’t have much to offer children and even when I would return with my baby Florence for visits it struck me how lacking the area was in this (and other) areas when it came to providing for little ones in enrichment for outside school education. I think largely helped by the team at “My First” this has changed exponentially and we now have a very colourful and rich calendar which is fantastic.

This year’s “My First” is “The Night Before Christmas” and will be running at The Garage in Norwich City Centre from November the 28th to the 31st of December. It promises all the things I’ve talked about with including children in the performance and I can assure you it will be lovely – it always is!

They do also have a production for slightly older children these days too. We loved it last year and I even shed a tear I found it so moving. For Christmas 2023 “A Pinoccio Adventure” is the title and aimed at ages 5-8 and delivers the story of what happened to Pinoccio after he became a real boy!

This one will play from the 14th to the 24th of December at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 4.30pm most days. There will also be British Sign Language interpreted and relaxed performances.

Tickets are now on sale from or by calling 01603 283382.

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