Merci Maman Personalised Mother of Pearl Spinning Ring!

Merci Maman Personalised Mother Of Pearl Spinning Ring! Just after Posie was born I worked with boutique jewellery makers Merci Maman, who specialise in personalised jewellery, whereby they sent me the most gorgeous necklace with all of my children’s names on it. You will see on my Instagram stories that I wear it most days, a staple now and though I swim in it, shower while wearing it and rarely take it off for anything (I should take it off […]

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Jaques Of London For Christmas!

Jaques Of London For Christmas! Searching for Christmas presents doesn’t get any easier the more children you have, in fact, if anything I’d say it’s harder. The big two had the obvious choices when they were little and bikes, scooters, all those big things for pre-schoolers, have already been bought and then kept because they were too good to let go of and can be used again. We are, of course, now utilising the hand me downs with the little […]

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The London Transport Museum Christmas 2021!

The London Transport Museum Christmas 2021! It’s been a good while since we visited the London Transport Museum what with lockdown but we are so glad we made the trip this Christmas season to see all they have on offer for Christmas 2021. As always the ticket price is FREE for children and just £18.50 for adults but this is an annual ticket which means you can go as many times as you like in 12 months and despite there […]

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Pensthorpe Christmas 2021!

Pensthorpe Christmas 2021! What’s on at Pensthorpe Natural Park this festive month? Absolutely tons but it’s no surprise that their Christmas offerings have been VERY popular and are mostly sold out. You can absolutely still soak up the festive lights and ambiance however and a visit, as always, comes highly recommended from me! Pensthorpe really is the most beautiful day out and with a crisp walk around the lake before some major fun on the extensive playground before a warm […]

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Red Letter Days – A Christmas Gift!

Red Letter days – A Christmas Gift! It’s that time of year when we have to get our thinking caps on and buy gifts for those we love and while that is such a joyous thing most of the time, often it can cause such anxiety. But it really doesn’t have to. if you’ve someone tricky to buy for or simply a friend you have no idea where to start on the choosing then I’ve just the plan for you. […]

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Draper James Nightwear At Lands End!

Draper James Nightwear At Lands End! Have you heard of Draper James? It’s the Reese Witherspoon designed collection at Lands End and I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new nightwear collection to try for myself. New to Lands End as a shopper I found myself sucked into a bit of a vortex perusing their many ranges and had to pull myself back to the DJ collection after a massive rabbit hole. They sell so many lovely […]

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Wonderbly Books At Christmas!

Wonderbly Books At Christmas! I wrote about our first taste of Wonderbly books a while back, how impressed we were with what’s far more than a personalised story book, and that we found so many fantastic elements to the gorgeous stories we read. We thoroughly recommended them as they are just so much more interesting than most personalised books which can often be a bit nothing when it comes to the actual content. I’ve found, over the years, when we […]

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Tonie Starter Set For Christmas!

Tonie Starter Set For Christmas! One of the greatest things we can give our children are stories to fall asleep to. Read to them, read with them and teach then to read themselves and they have a whole new world opened up to them through story – reading and being read to is one of the greatest pleasures in life don’t you think? My Daddy is a wonderful story reader, when I was little he would read me books and […]

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Orchard Toys At Christmas!

Orchard Toys At Christmas! We all know and love Orchard Toys right? If you’ve not heard of them then how? They are Norfolk local to me but literally everyone with children that I know, Norfolk based or not, are massive fans of the fun, yet educational games for little ones which prescribe just what a hidden veg spag bol does for nutritional dinners in the food stakes. Kids simply don’t know how good for them they are while they’re having […]

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The Thursford Christmas Spectacular And Enchanted Journey Of Light 2021!

The Thursford Christmas Spectacular And Enchanted Journey Of Light 2021! All year round Thursford Steam Engine Museum is just that, a wonderful museum of steam engines which is well worth a visit but… Making like a caterpillar for 10 months of the year, come November, the butterfly of Thursford emerges from a chrysalis and it is now that she truly comes to full her full potential! If you’ve not seen the Thursford Christmas Spectacular before then you’ve missed out for […]

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