Bitzee – A Superior Interactive Pet!

Bitzee – A Superior Interactive Pet!

Who remembers when cyber pets came out for the first time? Tamagotchi launched theses new, exciting little toys in the mid nineties when I was about 16 and though I was definitely too old for toys (too cool as well), I couldn’t help but notice them with the rest of the world!

Funny then that a couple of years ago they made a resurgence and I was super excited to get some for my kiddos who I knew would love the idea. They did but… Like people have always said about them, they didn’t like the upkeep! It’s a constant source of NEED when you own a Tamagotchi. You HAVE to look after them or they die and trust me, left in incapable hands while at school thinking Mummy will surely keep it entertained and fed and cared for is a BIG mistake. They swiftly let their batteries go flat and honestly? Fun as they are, I don’t even know where they’re hiding these days? In the bottom of a toy box, never thought about…

Shame. As the concept is such fun!


In steps Bitzee to twirl around and show that yes, cyber pet ARE fun! This new digital pet IS in fact everything you wanted AND… It isn’t needy! But, most importantly, if you’re left in charge of it, you won’t kill it. If only could be the same said for my poor old houseplants!

Bitzee isn’t just Bitzee either, Bitzee is a little box containing not just one, but 15 different pets in one and though they look holographic, you can touch them. In fact, you HAVE to touch them to help them with the things they need like petting it. You have to be careful not to damage the Bitzee so younger children like Posie have to be supervised (it is intended for over 5s) however she loves it so with supervision has been playing. The display will show you what your Bitzee needs, a tilt to the left or right, forwards or back will help him play and sleep and learning the cues is easy and fast. This is just up Raffie’s street!

Different symbols will tell you how to play with your Bitzee and the swipe bar is one way you can control your pets and fill up their love meters to help each pet evolve and play their games. Each new Bitzee you collect (you have to work to unlock them all) will play a new game with you. It will also give you treats which will attract new Bitzee characters. Some are regular characters and some are rare so keep playing to discover them all! You will discover that each Bitzee will send you messages from love, sleep or even poo messages to tell you what they need! If you don’t fulfil their needs you may lose your Bitzee because he will run away but don’t worry, you can always entice him back as a baby and begin again!

When you are finished playing then you simply close the box and then can pick up where you left off the last time! From hedgehog to clownfish surfer, there are different pets with different needs and it’s quite addictive. A brilliant screen alternative and a massive thumbs up from us!

Bitzee is currently £30.99 in Smyths Toys and can be purchased on Amazon, at Argos and other retailers.


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