BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas!

BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas!

We’ve been visiting BeWILDerwood since Florence was teeny tiny, so now that she’s nearly fourteen we’ve seen lots of things grow with the park while it still keeps its same charm. There’s no flashing lights at BeWILDerwood, nothing mechanical (except from the boat of course) and with the woods as the backdrop being the inspiration for Tom Blofeld’s novels about the Boggles and Twiggles of BeWILDerwood, now, the stories are the inspiration for the very naturally set park today. Winding walkways are adorned with boggle (pixies who live in the bogs) houses, and in the trees (which is where the Twiggles live), you will see little doors leading to their homes too. A boat ride will take you on a deeper journey into their world with the most fabulously built wooden structured play equipment at the end of the entryway. Toddlewood offers little ones a magical play environment so that no child is left out no matter hiw young, and with zip wires for all ages from baby right up to any age you like, slides to whoosh you through the trees, walkways, mazes, den building, a story stage, face painting (always included in the usual day time ticket price) and more. Even the food is really, very good at BeWILDerwood, mking it one of the only places I tend to not take a picnic but to buy lunch at – and that’s saying something for me! There’s usually a craft activity, a bonfire can often be found with a little magic inside it too, and with the books being the heart of BeWILDerwood’s story, there are nods to the tales everywhere you go. It’s a really special place, somewhere I have very fond memories of and a day out we still make memories at today. Our last visit was for Mother’s Day but we have been so many times over the years, we had a season ticket for a couple of them, that I couldn’t possibly tell you how many… Jimmy was even in the leaflet for about 4 years running, something he’s still mega proud of today!

One thing they haven’t traditionally done at BeWILDerwood however, is open in the winter. The Christmas season has completely gone missed in the woods in years gone by so this new opening for the festive season is a brand new venture for them. BeWILDerwood presents Christmas will run from from 4-6pm on the Saturday and Sunday nights of the 2nd and 3rd and 9th and 10th of December. It will then run every evening from Friday the 15th of December until Saturday the 23rd of December and costs £15.50 per person. It’s not your usual day out and the equipment to play on is out of bounds but… There’s a lot more to BeWILDerwood than the play it seems…

You can expect for this, to be in the park enjoying a twinkling lights trail through the woods with lots of festive fun to spot along the way, and a mini pantomime explaining why Father Christmas is in the wild woods, and why his reindeer have bunny ears!

BeWILDerwood invited us along to have a sneaky preview of their Christmas offering so last night we took the littlest two along to see what it’s all about. Ultimately I know you’ll want to know if it’s good value for money, an hour and a half isn’t that long, a family of 6 like mine would mean it would cost us the best part of a hundred pounds and pennies are pinching right now. So, ok, though it is a short period of time and quite an outlay for a bigger family, I do think this is something very special. It’s a lot less expensive than some things which last a similar amount of time like the Enchanted Journey of Light at Thursford – which is also lovely) and actually, if you know BeWILDerwood then you likely have a child already captured by their own magic, adding a little extra sparkle in for Christmas feels quite lovely indeed. So yes, I would pay for this (always the barometer) and we had an absolutely terriffic evening in the woods with the Boggles and Twiggles of BeWILDerwood, Father Christmas and the most pretty light trail we’ve seen which is entirely geared up for a younger audience. It’s very special!

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