Free Tyre Fitting When Purchasing Tyres On Ebay From 1st-7th December 2023!

Free Tyre Fitting When Purchasing Tyres On Ebay From 1st-7th December 2023!

Me and The brilliant Laure from The Honest Mum learning about eBay’s tyre service!

If you’re like me then anything car related is a little of a mystery when it comes to thinking outside of how much petrol costs and getting from A-B. My car has 7 seats, we all fit in it, it works (mostly) and I’m absolutely lost without it yet anything technical that may need attention, anything physical that may need looking at and I’m utterly clueless. To give you an idea, if my phone stops synching, I don’t know how to re-connect it. When the clocks change, I don’t know how to turn it back or forwards and if a warning light comes on I rarely know what to do. I drove around for about a week once with a little sign flashing at me, I kept meaning to ask my husband but forgot, and then when I finally described to him the little icon that looked like a helicopter, I was told that was the engine warning sign. I don’t mean to be sounding like the “silly little woman” but honestly, it just doesn’t float my boat so though I know I could be more than capable, I just don’t trust myself to be so. These days I do take the flashing icon warnings seriously but again, if the tyre pressure light comes on I’m clueless. How the heck do I put air in a tyre? I just don’t, I swallow my pride and have on more than one occasion asked the (it has always been a man) in front of me to help hoping he will do it for me – and he always has. Men love nothing more than “helping out a woman” with motor related issues, going home flexing their muscles and I’ve been more than willing to play up to it so that I don’t have to do these things myself. However, yesterday I was woken up a little by eBay and their tyre expert, female Queen B (Becky Evans) who is car focussed and knows what’s what. She said we don’t have to be interested but we DO need to know certain things, and she’s right!

Becky Evans, AKA Queen B giving a tyre masterclass on behalf of eBay!

She explained how to change the air in my tyres but she also explained how to check our tyres are suitable. We should be looking for flaws like bulges or cracks, any kind of deflation before any kind of long journey. And she recommended setting a reminder to check them thoroughly ourselves from time to time. She’s so right because then we got to test drive some barely legal tyres, doing emergency stops under wet conditions, and compare it to doing the very same thing with brand new tyres. It’s easy to allow yourself to not think about these things but having done this test, wow! The difference is incredible. So, get checking your tyres people. It’s so important! Stopping distances are vastly changed and when you’re carrying the most precious cargo in the people you love (and yourselves) why would you ever do anything less?!

So, check your tyres people. You don’t need fancy equipment, just a 20 pence piece will do, it should go into the grooves of your tyres and the groove should cover the outer rim of the coin. If it doesn’t then your tread is shot. Things to look out for, as well as the obvious bulges or cuts, are that the inflation is correct – too much and the inner part of the tyre will wear faster than the rest. Just small things like this can make the world of difference of the life of your tyres which shouldn’t be too old and need to be in great condition. It’s actually an offence punishable aby points on your license and a fine so it’s not just safety but it’s looking after your wallet and your ability to be able to get in the car. Like I said, if anything goes awry with my car, which just had its MOT by the way and failed on a tyre, then I’m stuffed. All the clubs and school trips and life would be so complicated without a car!

It feels daunting but eBay and Queen B have shown me that it doesn’t need to be. In fact, they offer a tyre service where you just put in your car make and model and the number for your tyres (do front and back as they might be different) and it will bring up ALL the tyres to fit your car in ALL the price brackets. You then choose your garage once your tyres and available fitting have been confirmed and you just turn up to get them done. Now that’s my kind of car easy! Not to mention that between the 1st and 7th of December eBay are offering the tyre fitting for FREE when eligible tyres are bought through eBay UK! Can’t say fairer than that!

Visit here for full t&c’s. Offer dates: 1st December 10am to 7th December 11:59pm Coupon code: FITTYRES Code min: £1 Code Max: £120 Max redemptions: Maximum of 2 redemptions per user How to redeem: To redeem coupon, it must be used in conjunction with the purchase of min. 1 tyre from category “Tyres” (179680). Buyer must select tyre, and add fitting from “Tyre Fitting Available” module through to checkout. Exclusions: Used tyres, Tyres that don’t show “Tyre Fitting Available” module on view item page (certain tyre sizes may not have available fitters) Included: Tyres from listed sellers & New condition tyres that have “Tyre Fitting Available” module on view item page only.

So, if you need tyres fitted close to home then eBay, home to the UK’s largest tyre fitment network where you will find unrivalled choice from over 250,000 tyre listings and over 3,000 installer locations is the choice for you!

Casualties caused by tyre-related defects:

  • 152 people are killed or seriously injured from defective tyre-related accidents every year (UK annual average over five years)

Miscellaneous tyre safety facts:

  • 1.6mm is the legal minimum tread depth for each tyre in the UK
  • 3 points – can be added to your licence for each illegal tyre
  • £2,500 – maximum possible fine for each tyre if convicted for driving with illegal tyres

Driving with low pressure causes:

  • Reduced vehicle control
  • 10% reduced tyre life
  • Increased fuel costs
  • 3% more fuel used when pressure is 6 psi below recommended inflation
  • For every 10% a tyre is underinflated, its wear can increase by 10%

Data from eBay UK commissioned research*

  • One in ten motorists (11%) have put off purchasing new tyres with 87% putting it down to the  ongoing cost-of-living crisis
  • Nearly 40% (39%) will only buy new tyres if they fail an MOT, while 11% will hold out until the following year’s test if they receive an advisory
  • 11% of motorists admitted to not being confident when checking the tread depth of their tyres – the legal minimum is 1.6mm


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