Colonel Saab Trafalgar Square!

Colonel Saab Trafalgar Square!

When you think of a family friendly restaurant the automatic through is of fast food, something cheap and easy, nothing particularly special. Thing is, while those sorts of joints can and do often work for us, we do also really like our children and want to sample a little of the high life with them too. Why not? Introducing them to a little culture and bit more of a treat when it comes to eating out is also something I rate pretty highly. You just have to choose the right restaurant, for family friendly doesn’t have to be chicken nuggets and chips, it just has to be exactly as the words describe, friendly. And Colonel Saab, when we visited their Holborn restaurant not so long ago, was so welcoming to my family both in terms of open arms and in their food. This is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of the city, it might not be where you’d assume children would be invited, yet never have I felt more warmly enveloped inside. The food (which is something else, I’ll come onto that) is catered to with children, they do their best to accommodate anything that you as for, and make suggestions for not just them, but for everyone to try. But it’s more than that, we just feel comfortable there, like we are not a problem even though we have four children and honestly we have talked about that first visit a lot. Florence remembers the juices, mango in particular which she says was so incredible. The boys devoured all the little side orders like the poppadoms and nibbles and for me, it’s the experience which sticks in my head as being so fabulous! The service and the fact they will make lovely child friendly food to go with their southern Indian traditional cuisine!

Of course, it didn’t take a second to reply with a great big thank you when offered the invitation to visit again and talk all things about their new location Trafalgar Square ahead of its launch!

Colonel Saab is a modern Indian fine dining experience by Roop Choudhary, the atmosphere has been created with his impeccable decor, made up in abundance of Indian art works and dripping in chandeliers, is his love letter to his parents, paying homage to India in rooms which look like gloriously colourful museums. You can’t take your eyes away from the spectacle, until you see the next beautiful object and then you can’t look away from that either. Everything from the bathrooms to the tables are opulent and beautiful. Much like the food! The new Trafalgar Square restaurant is set to be set to the same blue print but in a bigger venue so that they can seat more happy customers.

We said before, and are still saying now, this is the best, the very best and most incredible Indian food we have ever tried. Jonny and I spent a while in Mumbai and Goa and though we ate very well when there, we didn’t get to taste anything as supreme as we have tried at Colonel Saab.

And with Holborn as stunning as ever, Trafalgar Square is set to be utterly breath taking too. We know that the food exceeds the vista and the welcome, we just can’t wait to say hello to their new venue because Colonel Saab is very definitely on my agenda now as favourite places to eat in London. We cannot wait to visit, potentially with friends, in January! What a treat!

On Saturday we were treated to another incredible, family friendly meal at Colonel Saab, High Holborn and it has whetted the appetite for more at the new Trafalgar Square site (next time we are going adults only though as the wine is also delicious and for an evening meal out it will be just what we need after our visit to ABBA Voyage)!

There HAS to be a special mention made for the dessert offerings for they are also out of this world good! Light and yet so unctuous and welcome at the end of a meal which comes with perfect service and an incredible atmosphere!

Thanks to Colonel Saab, High Holborn for hosting us this past weekend and to the wonderful restaurant manager Sagar for treating us also to the story behind Colonel Saab, a love letter to owner Roop’ parents and they must be so proud and over the moon. I was sorry to have not met them at the recent launch. Their story is fascinating and depicted on every surface of the restaurants. It’s a very special experience, not just a restaurant!

Book a table at one of Colonel Saab’s two centrally located restaurants in London by visiting

We were invited to dine at Colonel Saab as guests of the restaurant.

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