Pensthorpe For Somethign Yummy!

Pensthorpe For Something Yummy! I write often about Pensthorpe Natural Park and the many things we love about our almost weekly visits. Feeding the ducks, walking around the lake, visiting the falingoes (sic -it’s what Jimmy called them so we all do now) and of course the amazing play areas! There is so much to do when on the park that would excite literally all age brackets and the whole family are members because from Gram to Posie there really […]

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Nozstock 2022 – No Better Family Festival!

Nozstock 2022 – No Better Family Festival! Yes! After a 2 year COVID hiatus the best family festival we ever went to is back with aplomb and we cannot wait (only I can wait because that means the end of term and I’m not ready to have Raffie to not be a pre-schooler anymore)! It’s going to be worth the wait for the festival and a massive softener to my baby boy being grown up enough to be graduating from […]

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Pensthorpe And Poo For February Half Term!

Pensthorpe And Poo For February Half Term! I wouldn’t ordinarily put the words “poo” and “Pensthorpe” together, Pensthorpe Natural Park being the antithesis of poo, however, this half term they’re embracing the plops in a big way! Pensthorpe, always a favourite with not just us, but actually anyone I’ve ever spoken to who’s visited, has geared itself up for the holidays with not one, but TWO trails especially for the school break and the theme? It’s all about poo! What […]

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Pensthorpe Christmas 2021!

Pensthorpe Christmas 2021! What’s on at Pensthorpe Natural Park this festive month? Absolutely tons but it’s no surprise that their Christmas offerings have been VERY popular and are mostly sold out. You can absolutely still soak up the festive lights and ambiance however and a visit, as always, comes highly recommended from me! Pensthorpe really is the most beautiful day out and with a crisp walk around the lake before some major fun on the extensive playground before a warm […]

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Out There Arts Presents Fire On The Water Great Yarmouth!

Out There Arts Presents Fire On The Water Great Yarmouth! Last week I was invited to the press launch of the brand new event Fire on the Water presented by Out There Arts, a magical, blazing display of fire installations and sculptures housed at the Venetian Waterway in Great Yarmouth. Last minute I couldn’t attend but I didn’t want to miss out so we went as a family group last night instead, and we were all mesmerised by the beauty! […]

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Wonder Cabaret – Norfolk!

Wonder Cabaret – Norfolk! Pre pandemic and lockdown number one was the last time, before we went to Wonder Cabaret, that Jonny and I had been out together in the evening. Since then we’ve had another baby (which has made date night a tiny bit trickier) and we’ve been in and out of lockdowns with theatre and live performances being one of the most greatly affected of all the arts. It’s wonderful then to be able to get out and […]

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Tower Bridge Experience London!

Tower Bridge Experience London! Tower Bridge is the most beautiful of all the bridges in London and famously wasn’t bought by American Robert P. McCulloch! McCulloch thought he was investing in the blue beauty when in fact he’d actually purchased the far uglier duckling of London Bridge – well, at least he got the song! And London Bridge may have a children’s ditty but Tower has the aesthetics and is features in so many films there’s too many to mention […]

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