Bubble Ci-Tea In Chantry Place Norwich!

Bubble Ci-Tea In Chantry Place Norwich!

Did you know that Bubble Ci-Tea is back in Chantry Place, Norwich in a brand new home on the ground floor?! As you arrive in the shopping mall from the St Stephens Streen entrance to Chantry Place you’re greeted with a plethora of eats and drinks treats to tickle those taste buds and now Bubble Ci-Tea is back on hand to gift you their delights too!

They opened their bubbly doors just before Christmas and in the festive break we went along to try for ourselves some of the delicious offerings on their menu. My favourite was the mango tea with peach bubbles, or was it the other way around?! I can’t remember but they were both excellent and as chosen by Florence, she says they’re the only combination to have! Of course Jimmy went avant-garde with a kiwi and cherry number which was also rather yummy and Posie loved it all!

This weekend we were invited to their official launch party where we got to indulge again (Florence is a regular customer) as it just so happened to be Posie’s birthday so we were in celebratory moods for more than one reason!

When bubble teas first popped into my radar I was a little skeptical, I assumed it was a bit if a gimmick really, however, I’ve succumbed and become a big fan. The tea is so refreshing, it makes a real different drink to enjoy and with the added fun element of the bubbles it also feels super special!

Now, Florence has a BIG tip for first time tryers, she says the tapioca bubbles are really only for a very specific taste bud and it’s fruit you need to choose for your introduction, with a complimenting tea. She says you can move onto tapioca later, and she’s friends who LOVE that, but when you first initiate yourself she advises something a little sweeter and I think she’s right. They are delicious and the sensation of them popping is very tasty, with a welcome flavour addition.

I think it’s safe to say we are all rather keen! So, congratulations Bubble Ci-Ti, you’ve found customers in us for sure and good luck in your new home – we don’t think you’ll need it!

A little P.S tip from me is that the bubbles and drinks stay fresh for a long time, they are sealed and ready for a straw to pop through the lid when you’re ready so buying on the way home makes a fantastic evening treat for later!


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