Christmas 2022 At Pensthorpe Natural Park!

Christmas 2022 At Pensthorpe Natural Park!

We do talk a lot about Pensthrope Natural Park as it’s one of our most favourite places to be in Norfolk. As days out go, it never gets old, has something for everyone and most important has an incredibly inclusive price. I wanted to let you know about the massively brilliant price of the annual tickets to visit because they are just so inexpensive it would make the most ideal Christmas present. For just £55 for adults (£50 for seniors and children) you can have unlimited visits for a whole year and as they are open every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, it couldn’t be better value in their invitation to visit!

Annual pass holder benefits don’t end there for you will also receive a 10% discount on friends coming to visit, 10% off in the shop and cafe, buy one get one free on hot drinks before 11am, a 10% discount on the Pensthopre explorer tour (we haven’t done this yet, we will though), a 10% discount on Hootz House birthday parties and private hire, 20% off entry into Watatunga Wildlife Reserve and brand newly added is a 10% discount on Wild Meadow Glamping at the Raynham Estate. It’s a special pass, for a special place and would make the most magnificent gift to families and friends of all ages.

We just love how they go all out for every season with not just the gardens (which are always beautiful) but just in general. All around the park are little finishing touches which make a visit exciting. There are games and points of interest for children all around the lake walk and flamingoes and other wildlife to visit. You can go pond dipping, take a picnic, enjoy a lovely lunch in the cafe (like we did yesterday and it cost us only £50 for all 7 of us including Gram) but in the school holidays they add extras with trails and fun things to see and do. Christmas is no extra and on top of the regular WildRootz outdoor play area which is built from natural materials with a glorious stream running through it to paddle in (in the summer, it’s a bit cold now), and the wonderful Hootz House indoor play which is genuinely a very lovely place to be (and I don’t say that about many indoor play areas) they have decorated and twinkled and glistened the whole park. There have been Christmas markets (the shop is ALWAYS there and has a plethora of gorgeous things to buy all year round with the festive season being no exception) and of course, Father Christmas has made their North Norfolk Pole his place to be this week for visits with children in his grotto.

Look at our visit yesterday!

Now, I always tell my children two things about Father Christmas, he doesn’t come to the children who don’t believe and also, you’re never likely to meet the real one. He often sends very good representatives but he, himself, is far too magical and busy to be meeting children, especially the week before Christmas. There are exceptions though and I have to say… I’m not 100% sure that yesterday we didn’t meet the real Father Christmas himself. There was something extra specially magic about him and honestly… I think he’s the real deal!

In typical Pensthorpe style the Santa’s Grotto doesn’t feel like a money maker. Not at all! In actual fact I do wonder how they make any money at all because caring about the customer seems to just go above and beyond. We were invited to visit as guests yesterday but ordinarily they charge £7.95 per child (adults are free with their children) and for that you get to play in the North Norfolk Pole, colour and draw while you wait in a beautifully festive grotto and then meet the big man himself where he chats and gifts chocolate before asking children to pick one of his special presents. The gifts are actually worth more than £7.95 with Orchard Toys games and bug hotels being just two of the options the children can deliberate over.

The whole thing, as always for Pensthorpe, is truly delightful, magical and with all the sparkle of Christmas.

What a lovely day we had again yesterday at Pensthorpe!

We love Pensthorpe and while it’s a very welcome (for us) collaboration, we have always and will always be customers too.


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