Deface Race!

Deface Race!

Deface Race by Tomy Games is a fast paced, against the clock, team player game which will offer much hilarity to Christmas afternoon! For four or more players this one offers the perfect full family play when you have lots of different ages and it’s super easy to set up while the rules really are as simple as this: One team mate draws wipe clean character card and a suggestion card (50 characters with 150 suggestions) and it’s then that players job to deface the character card turning it into whatever the suggestion they choose from their card is while getting their team mates to correctly guess what they’re turning it into inside the timer!

Lots of fun and everything you need, including the pen and the wiper are included. This one is just £9.99 in Smyths at the moment and we think it will make a brilliant stocking filler!


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