Keep This Cracker – Reusable Crackers For An Eco Friendlier Christmas!

Keep This Cracker – Reusable Crackers For An Eco Friendlier Christmas!

I didn’t know what the stats were surrounding the landfill waste from Christmas crackers so I looked it up. Shockingly, but when you think about it, realistically, the vast majority of the single use plastic treats inside them end up in landfill with an estimated 40 million crackers ending up in the bin come the end of Christmas Day, that’s not even getting started on the non-recyclable packaging…

I don’t want to give up the festive tradition of pulling a cracker but I have in recent years thought about how I can make them a little better, not, to my shame, for the environment but just because they’re a little naff. I’ve liked the idea of filling my own with special personalised treats which aren’t just toot and have bought kits to do so before but that doesn’t really solve the problem of the wasted packaging. In step Keep This Cracker with their fully reusable and clever cracker which doesn’t scrimp on the bang despite not being a one hit wonder.

They come flat packed in a box no bigger than a book really and can be folded out or back down into the box as the need arises. They sound fiddly with ribbons to thread and bang tapes to be folded but actually it’s no bother and the self-assembly instructions on the packet aren’t really needed once you’ve read them once.

A packet of six does come with a hefty £21.95 price tag, however, remember they can be used forever if you look after them. They’re sturdy so you’d have to go some to ruin them I think. They’re big and can fit nice meaty presents and inside mine I’ve added cards from a pack of charades and fun facts (again I will re-use) instead of a joke along with a drawer string bag of bee bombs – keeping up the eco theme!

Aren’t they lovely and what a fab way to solve the problem of the masses of unnecessary waste without doing without the cracker! The cracker snaps are the only thing you’ll be putting in the bin and replacing them is inexpensive at £2 for 12. We like them, what do you think?!


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