Stocking Fillers For Little Boys!

Stocking Fillers For Little Boys!

We are struggling a little when it comes to gifts for Raffie. It’s literally JUST been his birthday and he has ALL the toys he can handle yet he’d be so unexcited to be given clothing it’s a bit of a mine field. I want him to feel special on Christmas Day and to soak up the magic. 5 years old is just the right age to immerse yourself but I don’t want to buy him a load of toot and tat just for the sake of it. As a result, we are actually buying him a rather expensive main gift. My defence for this is that he’s not had money spent on him at birthdays and Christmas until this year (he was too young to know and so we took advantage just as we will with Posie) and actually, the thing we are buying him will last a long, long time.

However, this does leave the stocking fillers and I have picked up a couple of bits I know he will love, which won’t take up much room, go with other things he got for his birthday, are inexpensive AND the perfect stocking fodder. The rest of his stocking will be clothing bits and nibbles but he’s going to love these the most for sure!

Monster Trucks Demolition Duos by Hot Wheels are just £15.17 at TopToys2U and just up Raffie’s street. He loves Hot Wheels in general and is a mega fan of the Monster Truck so these will go down so well on Christmas morning and be the perfect toys to play with all day while he waits to open his big present in the evening – I make mine wait until after lunch and it’s always dark by then!

The other stocking filler is the Marvel Mini Figures which I got in a pack of four from TopToys2U but they do also sell separately. A you might remember from his birthday, he’s a big superhero fan and these will make him very happy. They arrive in individual packets so that’s four presents to unwrap – perfect!

TopToys2U has 10% off if you sign up to the mailing list and the delivery is fast and efficient going by our experience!


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