Christmas Party Ready!

Christmas Party Ready!

I had a conversation with my Mum the other day about how women in their 40s dress differently now to the way they dressed when she was my age. Back then if a woman over the age of 25 had worn a mini skirt she’d have been considered a little common, now it’s fair game. We’ve moved on from considering mutton to be dressed as lamb and we now dress how we like, not how society tells us to. The result is that women are looking younger and younger – brilliant!

I’m very much a mini skirt kind of gal actually and once the winter kicks in my black tights come out, and they, along with mini dresses become my seasonal wardrobe staple. Of course, it’s party season now so I’m turning my attention to going out dresses where no matter how old I get, I still have to ask my Mum if I can go out because I need her to babysit the kiddos for me when I do! Now, if that little element doesn’t keep you young then nothing will!

Surprisingly I have more than one party to go to this festive month so I will need more than one outfit I can rely on! I want to step outside my usual a little, deviate slightly because why not and I can! love to wear leather look trousers when I don’t go for the mini skirt look but I’m thinking about combining that look WITH the mini and buying some thigh high boots to compliment it – remember, you’re never too old to dress the way you want to!

Thinking about maybe swapping the trousers for boots to give a similar look!

It’s thanks to women before us stepping outside of their comfort zones and breaking with the traditional norms which have made it possible to be fashion forward women today without thinking about it. My Mum says she’d find it hard to determine how old I was, or the ages of my similarly aged friends just by looking at us and our faces. Are we less lined than her and her peers were? I doubt it! Are we dying our greys better? Nope… And it’s not the medically enhanced faces I’m taking about either. I’m not ever ruling that out, but I haven’t had anything done yet, so in my natural state, which largely the friends I have are too, people find it hard to pinpoint an age. That’s down to fashion my friend, plain and simple!

It’s quite liberating to rid yourself of worrying about what others think of you and, in a way that in the past has been the reserve of the young, I feel I can express myself through fashion without giving a hoot about anyone else! In actual fact I think I can express my fashion style better now than I could 20 years ago when I also worried about what other people thought.

Clearly there could be an element of not caring about other people’s opinions which allows me to believe it’s acceptable to wear the things I wear but if that’s true then I don’t notice it – although I’m not buying it, times have changed, and we’ve moved forward people. NOW is the time to buy the clothes of your dreams and wear them well. After all, you probably have the money to make it happen now whereas the kids… Not so much!

So, I have Christmas parties coming out of my ears and NYE shindigs at mine where the dress code is well and truly UP! What are your plans for party season and more importantly, what will you be wearing?!


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