Wroxham Barns – The Christmas Experience 2022!

Wroxham Barns – The Christmas Experience 2022!

Wroxham Barns is a changed creature since the days when I would take my baby Florence. Back then, more than 12 years ago when we first adventured there, it was a lovely little farm with a small play area, soft play and there were some rides you could pay extra for. The farm was always a great value afternoon out, but we rarely ventured to the ride area as when you have to pay for things individually on top of an entry price it kind of irks. Well, thankfully that element is no more as your ticket (still most excellent value) covers everything, rides included! You know where you stand from the start which as a parent is always inviting. To boot… This is no longer just a lovely little farm to spend an afternoon at, oh no! Wroxham Barns has grown so much in the last decade it is, bar the welcoming and friendly atmosphere (it’s still family run and you can tell), a completely different place!

The farm is still there, and the play areas, soft play and now inclusive rides but the way they change this place on a season-by-season basis is something else. With each school holiday they morph into something new and year-on-year it gets better and better. For Christmas 2022, the pièce de résistance of their calendar, it’s like another world down in Wroxham! You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into Lapland itself when you enter the Wroxham Barns Christmas Experience!

So, what is this Christmas inclusive and exclusive at the same time experience?! Well, I’ll tell you! It’s children receiving a passport to take with them around the farm and park, to pick up stamps at the various activities which are: making reindeer food, meeting animals, taking part in winter Olympic games, crafting with the elves (who make an elf out of all visitors with a gifted elf hat), writing a letter to Father Christmas and then, with a booked time slot, the North Pole shenanigans begin with a show from Mrs Claus and her elves before they invite you to decorate ginger bread men with them. Following on from her show it’s straight into see the big man and more elves as they put on a lively (and brilliantly fun) show for you just before you get to meet the man in red himself, have your picture taken with him and be given a token to visit his toy shop and choose anything you like to take home (great gifts too)!

We were wowed and bedazzled, what a wonderful, wonderful day which was well worth braving the cold for! Thankfully we’d booked to see FC and crew last thing as it was nice and warm in there and our frozen feet got to get toasty as we enjoyed the show!

There are fabulous festive touches all around the farm, there’s fire pits, snow, lights and more and the animals, as always, are just gorgeously happy and wonderful to meet. The little piggies who’d just been born for Halloween half term were bigger and fatter but no less cute and we had the very best day!

Now, transparency here as always, we were invited to visit as guests of the park. We have collaborated with WB for many years now however, I want you to know that we are also customers and I’d never promote so highly somewhere I wasn’t prepared to put my money where my mouth is for. This place rocks and for what you get the price is incredibly good value, sticking to their true values. Under 2s are £16.95, adults £20.95 and children aged 2 and above £27.95. There is, actually, one element you can pay extra for this year with a Build a Bear style activity which we didn’t do but lots of people did, and they all looked super happy with it. We didn’t arrive until lunch time as we had football in the morning and couldn’t have fit any more in but we stayed until the bitter (as in cold) end and just about managed to maximise everything else on offer including the rides we missed at Halloween because we had to dash off to A&E with a cut finger – my fault and Raffie did remind me loudly yesterday a lot about “when we were here last time you cut my finger deliberately”. It actually wasn’t on purpose I promise but that seems to be his party line and he’s sticking with it – I think he likes the reaction!

And I like my kid’s reaction whenever we visit Wroxham Barns, all smiles and wonder with, for Christmas, a special addition of magic we all fell in love with!

Wroxham Barns is open for the Christmas Experience all weekends in December then from the 19th until Christmas Eve – Do book as soon as you can if you want to go because I know they are already selling out!

We were invited to spend the day at Worxham Barns as guests of the park.

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