Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy Has A New Page (And A New Recording)!

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A while back I wrote about why my blog is called ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby‘ and I said it’s all because of Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy being a musician. Jonny is a singer and a song writer and also a wonderful musician, it’s such a big part of us and our family that of course that had to be our name!

He’s been working really hard writing and recording new songs and he’s been out and about playing them too! As well as this he’s started a Facebook page for his music where you can listen to all his new stuff which is great! There’s a recording on it this week which he made live in a pub in Camden last week – see, I told you he was rock ‘n’ roll!

Oh and we’ve been playing around with pictures too! What do you think of this one for his new page?

Jonny Guitar (7) #1


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