Mole Update – Two Months On!

Two months ago I went to The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic and met with Consultant Dermatolgist Dr Adam Friedmann for the removal of the moles on my face!

I’ve written about my experiences including some pretty gory pictures of the healing but that was all back when it had just been done! Two months on and how do I look? Have my moles gone for good? Did I scar badly?


They look pretty good actually. People said for ages afterwards that they never noticed the moles but now people are starting to say that yes, they never noticed them but they do think I look better. I’m so pleased! I have healed rather well as it goes, especially by my eye.

Two months on and the area by my eye is merely a rice sized slightly pink mark. It is completely flat against the skin and with a hint of make up you don’t see it at all. I can tell that in time I wont even need the make up. In all honesty I couldn’t have hoped for a better result, I am super happy with it. I actually bumped into another private Consultant dermatologist at a nappy event I went to recently and I told her about the treatment I’d had. She said ‘He’s done a remarkable job!’ I feel very lucky!

Mole Update
Before and two months after!

The mole area near my nose is also very well healed but not quite as good as the eye unfortunately. Apparently moles can grow back and I think that is what is beginning to happen with mine. You can’t actually tell too well when just looking normally, especially if I have make-up on but if I scrutinise then I can see a slight bump. It’s brilliant compared to what it was but I can feel it and find it irritating so I am just going to go back and see Dr Friedmann and he will remove it again. I knew this was a stubborn one and I guess it will just need another shock to realise its NOT welcome on my face! I’m not worried about it at all. I know it will heal in a few weeks and then fingers crossed it will be as GONE as the other one. If it never goes completely I can live with that, it really is much improved and even I can see that only I could notice it but I’d still like to try and get rid of it entirely!

Mole Update 1
Before and two months after!