Pampers Wonder Week – Golden Deals For Golden Sleep!

I remember as a child being thoroughly engrossed by the way my Mum collected coupons to save money on our shopping. She was super thrifty and if anything was going, any deal or any stamp book for money off the things she needed and she was totally on it! She had to be because back then she was a single Mum paying a mortgage entirely on her own. She juggled supply teaching (when she could get the work) with looking after me and she […]

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WIN A Family Meal at Pizza Express And Become Part Of The #PizzaExpressFamily!

Last week I told you all about the new project that Katy from Modern Mummy and I have launched with 11 other bloggers. We wanted to show everyone what a fabulous place Pizza Express is not just for grown ups but for the little ones too and since then, all the bloggers in the #PizzaexpressFamily have been out and reviewed their local restaurants with their kiddos in tow! They all had such fabulous times so do take a look at […]

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A Norfolk Weekend!

Though I moved away to London for many years my heart always brought me home for frequent visits to Norfolk before I eventually sold up in the capital and moved back to the homestead. I was nervous about returning to an old life in the country after many years away and I wondered if it would be enough for us after the pace of our capital City life but, despite the many quirks to Norfolk, I couldn’t be happier to be home. I […]

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The #PizzaExpressFamily Dining Experience – Norwich – Review!

It’s not really a secret that we love Pizza Express in our house and we find lots of excuses to visit. Sometimes we go for a big celebratory meal where we order everything (well, not EVERYTHING but pretty close to it) and spend hours dining with wine and other times I will just take the children for a special early tea after school where I will be restrained and not eat but they get a piccolo menu. It’s £6.95 for them to […]

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Goodbye Cartridges – Hello Epson EcoTank ET-4550 – Review!

When we moved last month one of the things which didn’t make the cut of the removal van was our horrid old printer. It was ridiculously big and SO old that you couldn’t even buy the cartridges it required in normal places anymore and instead had to order them from the only place that still stocked them on line which also charged a small fortune! It really wasn’t ever the best at its primary job of printing so coupled with its ageing […]

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Butchers Gin At 31Dover!

My friends and I all love a bit of what they call ‘mother’s ruin’ these days although I think it might be a taste which comes with age. I don’t ever remember drinking it when I was in my late teens and early twenties, instead favouring more sickly alco pops and the like but as time’s gone on my taste buds have rejected the latter in favour of a more subtle flavour. I absolutely delight in a summer evening tipple during […]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Dinos – Review!

In typical boy mode Jimmy is the sort of lad who runs around with his coat out of the arms and the hood on his head pretending to be a super hero. He is captured by all things ‘boy’ like that and fascinatd by all of the things the big boys like to play with. From Lego rather than Duplo even though the pieces are really too small and difficult for him to do on his own, to the things […]

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