Grease 2018 – Norwich Theatre Royal Youth Company!

A while back Florence told me that she wanted to be on stage. It was a matter of fact statement more than anything else and as she told me she just really needed to feel that way again, after she’d been in a show with her ballet school, I knew exactly what she meant. I had the same passion in my heart at her age, still do in fact, and the thought of stepping out of the wings into the […]

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Camp Bestival What To Pack?!

Camp Bestival what to pack?! This is what’s been on my mind ever since I woke up this morning and I’ve been making lists, lists, lists ever since. There’s just one week to go until the 2018 Camp B extravaganza and I realised, as I packed the glitter and the face paints all ready (I like to be practical…), that I probably do have some top tips to share with you all when it comes to knowing what to take! […]

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We Have A New Sports Power Trampoline!

We have a new Sports Power trampoline and the kids are beyond over the moon – they’re bouncing over it repeatedly! I can’t tell you how much they’ve wanted one or the amount of times I’ve been asked if we can get one soon but it’s a LOT on both counts! We lived in a tiny flat in London with no garden and short of pitching one up on the Wanstead Flats (can’t see Waltham Forest council having gone for that […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are Nine Months Old!

Dearest Raffie, You are nine months old! There are babies being born today who hadn’t even been thought of when you arrived yet it still feels like I’ve only just had a baby! You are strong and fierce and you know exactly what you want as well as how to communicate that! You have even begun to actually start speaking and said yogurt! YOGURT! What a brilliant first word! I’ll concede it does sound more like ‘ogurt’ and you DO say […]

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