Picture Perfect!

When I read other blogs it’s often the pictures which take my eye and there are some absolutely super photographers out there. It always makes me wish I could take artistic and beautiful pictures too but I’m not sure I have had the skills in the past and I definitely haven’t had the right camera to learn with.

I’ve always wanted to be able to take really good photographs and recently have upgraded from just using my phone (which was rubbish) to having a really good snapper. My friends bought me one at my baby shower and although I love it and it still has a place for me, it’s not a camera I can learn how to take proper photographs with. I will still use my snapper of course (I keep it in my hand bag) but what I’ve always wanted is an awesome ‘proper’ camera for the really special moments, one to be artistic, unusual and technical with. I want something which means I can take not just good quality photographs but really interesting ones too with an element of art to them using some really good Photography Backdrops.

With very little knowledge already, I need for this a camera which will let me work out all the technical bits while at the same time allows me to use it with an automatic mode so that I don’t get super frustrated while I gain the experience I need to take amazing photographs using only my eye.

The camera I have chosen to use is a Nikon D3200. I was advised that this is the camera for a family who want a brilliant camera but who don’t yet have all the camera know how to use one, a camera for those who want to learn how to take pictures but are at the very beginning stages; this one sounds the perfect choice for me and my family!

I love photographs and I just hope now that photographs will love me as I learn how to take them properly and use my new ‘proper camera’. I will update this page with my camera and picture taking journey and diary and let you now how I’m getting on with all things Nikon D3200, hopefully in (really good) pictures as well as words!


To Be Picture Perfect – My New Nikon D3200!

Picture Solving – Nikon D3200!

A Portrait Of Learning!

Nikon Training Course Coming Up!

After The Photography Course!

Fashion With My Nikon D3200!

A little bit of children’s photography as Florence enters a competition to capture the colour!

I have not been paid to write about the Nikon D3200 but I have been sent the camera for review. I choose to write about it on a continued basis as I am enjoying learning and feel it is relevant to my blog.

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