What are period panties? And how to use them?

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What are period panties? And how to use them?

Menstrual hygiene is a monthly ritual that every female must perform except if one is pregnant or probably at the menopause stage. But aside from these reasons, period is that monthly visitor that will find its way to your doorstep whether you invite it or not. Each menstruating person has their own cycle, their own flow, their own sensations, their own desires and their own needs. Menstruation is always an individual matter but overall comfort and hygiene is all that matters! Menstrual hygiene is however impossible without the use of menstrual care products such as pads, tampons and the more recently introduced period pants. Period underwear are the latest innovation in the world of feminine hygiene and they are now finding their way into the lingerie drawer of more and more women.  What are they? How are they to be used? And who can use them? In this blog post are information and answers to these questions. So, get ready to equip yourself with knowledge!

What is period underwear

Period panties, often known as period underwear, are undergarments with unique features that makes them capable of being used as a menstrual care product. They can be worn on their own or in addition to a tampon or a menstrual cup, especially on heavy flow days, to prevent leaks. Period underwear are however very absorbent and can be worn for up to 12 hours (depending on the model and absorbency). There are models that can hold up to 6 tampons worth of blood simply through the absorbent layers of the crotch area.

The first layer of period underwear is the draining layer. It drains the menstrual fluid towards the absorbent core and it is this part that allows you to stay dry and let you breathe all day long! Then comes the absorbent part of the fabric. It will absorb the flow quickly, continuously, and in variable quantities depending on the model of the panty. Finally, it is the impermeable effect generated by the membrane present in the menstrual panties which will ensure the anti-leakage leakage. Period panties also have an antibacterial layer that guarantees hygiene and absence of odours.

Who can use period underwear

Period underwear is made for all menstruating people! Those who want a eco-friendly period world, those who do sport, those who want to save money on menstrual products and mothers that just put to bed and need postpartum panties to handle postpartum bleeding. You can even use the panties outside your period in case of urinary leakage, or to absorb perspiration during a sports session. In a nutshell, Period panties are suitable for all women and girls, regardless of the nature of their periods.

Period underwear for teenagers

There are also period panties that are suitable for teenagers like my Florence. They are also recommended from the first periods because of their ease of use and reusability. Period panties are particularly appreciated by young girls, since at this age, they are not very comfortable with their menstrual flow.  Using period underwear is pretty easy, all one has to do is put it on like normal underwear during menstruation and it will get the job done. No special training is needed for teenagers to use them unlike with pads and tampons.

During the first menstrual cycles, Period panties are in fact more gentle and non-intrusive protective solutions, which will perfectly meet the needs of pre-adolescent/adolescent girls and allow them to experience a smooth transition to adulthood. With periodic panties, girls experiencing their first period therefore have the means to apprehend this sometimes complicated period in a more comfortable and serene way. Another big plus is that quality period panties, such as those from Weekiss made of organic cotton, don’t cause skin reactions. Menstrual underwear are so discreet that girls will never be embarrassed by their usage, nor by the fear of suffering the consequences of leaks or unexpected periods.

How to choose the right period panties?

Menstrual panties are also proof that period protection can also be a trendy, comfortable and even sexy accessory. You will indeed find many variations of them, each as ergonomic and aesthetic as the next, with various colours, patterns and models (for example, boyshorts, thongs, high-waisted panties, etc.). Choose the underwear that is adapted to your taste, your morphology and your menstrual flow (there are light, medium and heavily absorbent options).  There is no particular challenge when it comes to selecting your perfect size, you just have to select your usual size of underwear and that’s all.

How to wash my period panties?

In order to preserve the qualities of the fabrics and the effectiveness of the panties, there are some recommendations to follow. Start by rinsing the used menstrual panties in a basin of water or running tap, in order to remove as much blood as possible. Then put it in the washing machine at 30 or 40°C , with detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach as this will clog the absorbent fibres of the panties. Then lay out your period panties to air dry (no use of dryer).

Having a comfortable and stress-free period is now a matter of choice especially with the invention of period underwear. A menstrual product that is comfortable, eco-friendly and reusable for up to 3 years is definitely a masterpiece, which is why it is becoming more popular and more menstruators are switching to them. Well, who wouldn’t want a more comfortable period?


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