Colgate ProCinical A1500 and Total Interdental – 30 Day Challenge!

I have just been sent an electric toothbrush from Colgate to trial and review for the blog. I’ve never really used an electric toothbrush  before so it’s going to be a whole new experience for me! I have to admit that ordinarily I just buy whatever toothbrush is on offer or the cheapest, I’ve even been known to opt for the value ones in the supermarket that cost just 11 pence or something so this is really quite a departure […]

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Florence Wants To Be A Bigjigs ‘Play Patrol Agent’!

We love testing toys in the Rocknrollerbaby household and heard today about a great competition to become a ‘Play Patrol Toy Tester for Bigjigs Toys Ltd! We especially LOVE wooden toys and Bigjigs sell some absolutely fabulous looking ones. I particularly like the wooden balance bike and duck skittles for out in the garden! Their toys are really focussed on fun but educational too and they are all really beautiful with an old-fashioned edge! While I was looking at their […]

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We Built This Bear, We Built This Bear on Rock ‘n’ Roll..

Florence went to the ‘Build A Bear Workshop‘ for a birthday party not so long ago and came home having had loads of fun. Even though I was there at the time I was really only on the periphery and didn’t really get to join in much myself. At the end of it, although she’d enjoyed herself, I wasn’t really sure what had happened at the party. Too busy gassing as always! I was really thrilled then when we were invited to […]

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Honey Bee Tree Game By ELC – A Review

Since Christmas and her birthday Florence has been massively into playing board games and the like. At just three she’s the perfect age as she understands the concept of everyone having a turn and we all have great fun playing with her. It’s something we do when Jimmy has gone to sleep or is in his door bouncer so it gives her some totally undivided Mummy and Daddy time and it’s just really great fun, lovely to see her enjoy […]

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Geeta’s Spice And Stir Sauce – A Review!

A couple of weeks ago we were all poorly with either a sickness bug (the children) or (proper) flu with a sickness bug and a chest infection (us)… It was horrible and we felt absolutely grim. At the tail end of it when we were feeling well enough to leave the house but still not great we came to Norfolk for a quick weekend to celebrate a friend’s engagement and unfortunately we managed to pass on some of our germs to my […]

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The Monkey Basket – Sensory Play!

I love toys. My children love toys. Absolutely, but… For some reason children, babies in particular, take great delight in playing with just an ordinary old box. Boxes, card board, wrapping paper… Jimmy is always happy banging two ordinary wooden spoons together – think he might be a drummer like one of my brothers, as a baby Ali was always banging sticks too! Obviously toys have their place but having a play with these types of materials is obviously great fun […]

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Matilda Mae – A Precious Star

When I was seven years old my friend Dominic died of a brain tumour. He was the same age as me. This was my first experience of death and it left me, although I didn’t understand it, somewhat affected. I remember my Daddy telling me that when he found out Dominic was ill he had fainted. I didn’t understand that either. I knew it was sad and I knew it was very, very scary but when Dominic passed away I […]

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Cake Lingerie – Seamless Sleep Feeding Set Review!

When I had Florence I didn’t really think much about what bra to wear. I went to John Lewis, got measured (by a rather rude lady actually which is strange for John Lewis I have to say) and bought the bra she told me to in multiples. So, that’s the one I wore. The way she treated me made me think it was really the only option I had and other than asking if it came in black I didn’t […]

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Madagascar Live! Win A Family Ticket!

We are super excited to be going to see ‘Madagascar Live’ when it hits Wembley Arena on 1st March! Florence has gone a bit ‘Madagascar’ crazy recently and we’ve had to watch the film over and over! She also really loves dancing and singing along to ‘Move It, Move It’ which is funny because my best friend Eve and I used to dance to that like mad things when we were younger! Florence knows we’re going and we’re taking my […]

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Josoblu Re-Uz Carrier Review And Give Away!

I don’t know about you but when I go to the supermarket it really annoys me that I’ve always forgotten to bring my bags for life and I have to use plastic carrier bags… The thing is, the traditional bags for life sold by supermarkets are always HUGE and to be honest, where would I keep them? It’s fine if I’m specifically going out for a big shop, I always remember them then but I seem to be in the […]

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