Pensthorpe Nature Reserve – A Beautiful Day!

A year and a half ago, around Halloween time, we visited Pensthorpe, a nature reserve in Norfolk, for a wander, a ponder and just to enjoy the wildlife and beautiful gardens. (I wrote about our day here.) Looking back at my photographs I can see that Florence was such a tiny tot but I’m sure she remembers aspects of the day because, despite the weather, we had such a lovely time! Our last visit to Pensthorpe when she was nearly two, we had […]

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Grow Your Own – Gardening Challenge With Heinz!

We are BIG ‘dip, dip’ fans in our house! We do know it’s called ketchup but Florence has always called it ‘dip, dip’ so now we do too… Jonny eats ketchup with practically everything bar a roast dinner and Florence has totally followed suit. Jimmy has just had his first taste yesterday and guess what? He seems pretty smitten too! Tomatoes contain lycopene which offers many heath benefits. Strangely, after processing, the lycopene is more easily absorbed into the body, […]

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No Shlurring With New Raspberry And Rhubarb Shloer!

I love a glass of fizz but my children always want to get up early and 5am starts with even the mildest of hang overs just do not mix! I do have the odd tipple don’t get me wrong but I tend to stick to evenings rather than lunches and I find that I can never drink in the sunshine these days… I must be getting old! My Grandma, who never drank alcohol, always used to drink something soft like Shloer […]

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Blow Your Own – Easter Egg Decorating!

When we went to review ‘Build a Bear’ a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have been given an Easter Egg decorating craft box which they were gifting to everyone who spent over £20 in store. Everyone knows Florence is a craft-aholic and as soon as she saw the kit she wanted to use it but I’m a hard Mummy and made her wait untill Easter! Yesterday on Good Friday and this morning we finally used it to […]

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How I Met Your Father!

I was 21 when I got together with Jonny. In some ways it feels like only yesterday and in others it feels like we’ve been together forever… I say got together because actually we had met many years before that. We’re from Norwich which is fairly small and for a year (when I was 12 and he was 13) until I went to drama school in London, we were at the same high school together… I say we were at […]

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Orchard Toys Three Little Pigs Game – A Review!

For Florence’s birthday one of her little friends bought her a game for a gift and it’s turned out to be one of the best games we have! I have not been asked to blog about this board game and no PR company is aware that I am doing it, I just felt that it’s such a good game I really had to shout about it! The Three Little Pigs game by Orchard Toys is totally fabulous and Florence asks to play […]

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Disney’s Shake It Up: I <3 Dance - A Review!

My daughter is only three years old so we are not regular viewers of the popular pre-teen dance orientated programme Shake It Up however we are familiar with the Disney Channel and we have come into contact with it! I think anything with dance and singing appeals to my little girl so if we’re at my Mum’s (who has the channel) and it’s on then Florence will undoubtedly be dancing along even if she’s not really watching as such! It’s an incredibly […]

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Tiny Love Andy Apple – A Review!

I’ve often spoken of our love of Tiny Love toys! Ever since I discovered their play gyms when Florence was a new baby. Way before I started blogging or reviewing, I’ve been singing their praises! They’re always bright and colourful, always interesting and they’re always a hit with children! The other thing about them is that they last incredibly well! We’ve had some of ours for ages yet they still look good as new! One of our faves at the moment in Andy […]

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Harumika Pop Diva Set – A Review!

Florence isn’t really old enough to play with Harumika but when I was sent a set for review and she saw it in the box she became so entranced by it and wanted to play with it so much that I decided I would let her have a go… Harumika gives you everything you need (manikins, material, tools and information) to design your own mini clothes! A fashionista and designer in the making’s dream! It’s a world away from the sort of […]

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Teeth Tingling Dinner With Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief!

Last night I attended a dinner hosted by Colgate for people with sensitive teeth. As a tooth grinder myself, I know only too well, the pain and discomfort some foods can cause. Now my teeth aren’t too bad but my Mum suffers terribly from time to time. I will always eat all foods and wince through the pain but very often she cannot even attempt certain dishes. It’s really horrible to not enjoy something yummy because of sensitive teeth and […]

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