Dearest Raffie – You Are Eleven Months Old!

Dearest Raffie, You eleven months old, nearly one! How can this be?! The days, the weeks, the months… They have flown by and that’s because you are such a joy. Always happy and always so much fun! You beautiful baby boy how can you be eleven months old already?! You are now pulling yourself up to standing no longer content with the bum shuffle/leg drag! You want to walk but can’t quite do it yet although you do cruise just a […]

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Back To School With Tum Tum Tots!

Back To School With Tum Tum Tots! Would I even be able to genuinely call myself a blogger if I didn’t write at least one post with the words ‘back to school’ in it?! I’m not, however, good at back to school for a number of reasons. 1) I’m not generally an organised person – I have grand ideas but I never manage to pull them off. It’s not me. I am the Mum ironing hems with my hair straighteners […]

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Easy Ways To Save More Money Each Month

Money… it is something we could all do with having more of, right? However, we tend to think that it is simply not possible unless we take on a second job or win the lottery! Both options seem unlikely. Plus, why should you have to work yourself into the ground for more money when you will have no time left to enjoy it? You don’t need to. Instead, you should look for savvy ways to save some cash on a […]

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The Britax Romer Revolution Pro BOB – Review!

The Britax Romer Revolution Pro BOB – Review!I I’ve used lots of buggies in my time and when I’m finished working with one I usually give it away to someone deserving. I do however have my absolute favourites that I’d never be without although Jonny said recently that the number of those in that category had come to an end as far as he was concerned and any new ones that arrived had to be in and out the door as […]

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