LifeSearch – Family Income Benefit!

LifeSearch – Family Income Benefit! I don’t think I’m in the minority of people who don’t like to talk about death, or what might happen afterwards but actually, as a parent sometimes we do have to tackle the tricky things head on and make sure our houses are in order should anything happen to us. Why? Well, because as with anything when it comes to our babes, we want only good thing for them and just as we look after […]

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Power of the Placenta | Placenta Banking

Power of the Placenta | Placenta Banking Thousands of expectant parents across the country often research what to do with their baby’s umbilical cord after birth – whether to donate it, discard it as medical waste, or privately bank it in a process known as cord blood banking. But what about the placenta? Just as the umbilical cord is a valuable source of stem cells – should we also consider the placenta to be worth saving? The answer is 100% […]

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Lockdown Diary Week Eleven!

Lockdown Diary Week Eleven! It was a rude awakening and not a great start to our new normal lockdown this week. Up early on Monday morning to make Jonny a packed lunch with a lump in my throat and the cat brought in a bird. A lifeless feathered friend which she thought was everything I wanted and which of course couldn’t be further from the truth. A bit like how the easing of lockdown feels to me. Other people, namely […]

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Mushroom Souvlaki Under 500 Calories!

Mushroom Souvlaki Under 500 Calories! I am as of this morning 1stone and 1lb down from my starting point 5 weeks ago proving my Monday to Friday diet is working wonders. I eat 500 calories per week day mostly taken up in my evening meal and people keep asking me, with aghast looks, what on earth I’m eating on such few calories. This is why I’m sharing some of my best #Under500cals recipes because you’d be surprised at quite how […]

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Lockdown Diary Week Ten!

Lockdown Diary Week Ten! This was half term week which thankfully meant no struggling with school work – I am very definitely wanting my children at home and not at school but the school work we have to do at the kitchen table absolutely fills me (and them) with dread! And the thought of next week when Daddy is back at school mostly and I am 100% doing it on my own is even more reason to feel heavy about […]

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