Lockdown Diary Week Ten!

Lockdown Diary Week Ten!

This was half term week which thankfully meant no struggling with school work – I am very definitely wanting my children at home and not at school but the school work we have to do at the kitchen table absolutely fills me (and them) with dread! And the thought of next week when Daddy is back at school mostly and I am 100% doing it on my own is even more reason to feel heavy about it.

A break from the school work, even knowing that next week it was going to be a whole lot harder, has simply been lush. We really have felt like we are on holiday and the sun shining has made it all the better. Pool time and walks and fun as a family is all we need and Jonny ad I have noted once more, just like we tend to always do when we go on holiday, that we get on better when we spend concentrated time together than during the every day of normal life. Isn’t that funny, but rather lucky for us!

So we have had a nice week but the impeding doom of worry about Jonny being in a classroom has been getting to me and though trying to push to the back of my mind it has felt a bit like a countdown. He won’t be in full time as has lots of college work because when lockdown happened his course had to change. He can’t be doing two things at once and also there will be a bit of a rota but it has saddened me that for us the lockdown as we new it is now changed. We start with another new normal and I just hope because the children are at home and not having to go in that they will be largely unaffected.

Last week was lovely, I can’t deny I’m nervous for the next with less of Jonny around – I have that sort of feeling I remember from when having a baby and he goes back to work at the end of his paternity leave, it feels daunting!

Bank holiday Monday was scorchio – sod’s law isn’t it. The only bank holiday Monday with sun and we’re in lockdown. I made bagels and we had a picnic at home – in your face lockdown!
Of course with sun comes pool fun!
A LOT of pool fun!
And a lot of relaxation!
And lollies – Raffie didn’t like this one, I think his facial expressions are quite succinct!
My Father in Law came around the back through our side gate to install the bar he built us – 2m distanced of course. Isn’t it amazing!
And I introduced Florence to Maeve Binchy novels. I am quite jealous that she has them all new to her to read for the first time, they’re my absolute favourites!
We took a bike ride out to some woods and had a picnic, something we haven’t been allowed to do while out exercising in the past during lockdown.
The boys especially loved it!
In their twinning outfits!
Really felt like a treat!
We are demonstrating here that we want Daddy to go nowhere anytime soon!
We had a gymnastics competition in the woods!
Which I’m pretty sure Jimmy and Daddy won!
Although Florence gave it a good shot too!
As well as climbing trees!
Which is Jimmy’s speciality!
And something Raffie is looking forward to be able to be doing!
The three of them had so much fun!
It was smiles all round!
This coolio didn’t even have to ride anywhere of course and enjoyed trailer time!
Tuesday was another lovely family day!
Wednesday was a bit cloudy, still warm but no one felt like doing much. The boys attacked this box with butter knives, as you do!
We insisted on going for a small walk around the estate – old heart on his sleeves Jimmy couldn’t hide his feelings towards this!
Florence was much happier about the prospect as the estate has good skate boarding paths!
and obviously this was a draw for Raffie on his Microscooter too!
Then we came home for some water play in the garden – my Mum bought them all squirters!
Raffie went in the pool then spent a good portion of the afternoon licking my windows (good job I cleaned them) – 2 is a funny age isn’t it! Ha ha!
The blue skies were back on Thursday and we enjoyed more water play (of course) in the garden!
More ice creams!
Lunch turned into a bit of a spa!
While Jimmy and Raffie also enjoyed this sticky ball on the head game!
And then we painted our bar!
With some unwanted help!
But we got there in the end!
Check out the pineapple ice bucket my Mum bought me!
Friday – felt like a bit of a daunting day that I had to pretend wasn’t. The last week day before Jonny potentially goes to work in a school regularly. We went for a bike ride and ended up at a tiny nature reserve near where a friend used to live. Was lovely but I have this cloud having over me!
It was lovely though and lots to see like this bug hotel!
We came home to more fun in the pool!
My Mum bought the boys an oar each the other day!
Today the boat arrived!
We made cocktails (and mocktails)!
And I actually got time to read a bit of my book! Feels like being in the Med, looks like being in the Med… Can’t be bad eh!
Saturday was glorious weather wise but it didn’t stop Jimmy’s eternal love of fortnite!
The rest if us however got on with pretending that we were in Ibiza!
Even Jimmy dragged himself away from the screen at times!
Ice creams were on offer!
And BBQs!
Sunday marked 70 days in lockdown for us. 10 weeks. The very last day when we are all together all day every day. I know Jonny is doing a good thing by going into school. Doesn’t mean I’m happy about it!
We just had a very lazy day in the sunshine playing and doing whatever we felt like which was nothing much. I don’t feel the need to go out and do things just because the rules have relaxed enough to let us. I very much want to wait and see and our home bubble is pretty good!
Jonny slept in the sunshine!
Florence had mocktails!
Jimmy was in and out playing Fortnite with friends, dipping in the pool, running around like a loon and Raffie, his shadow followed him. I read my book and insisted on another family photo – this time at the bar which after Saturday night was for juice and soft drinks only… Jonny and I had delicate heads this morning after vino verde in the afternoon!