70s Summer Vibes With Femme Luxe!

70s Summer Vibes With Femme Luxe!

I think what I like about Femme Luxe is that there is such a wide array of choices that it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, they have something to suit all of it. I would say I don’t have one particular style and flit from one to another on a daily basis. I love a surfy, relaxed edge to some things I buy and other days I’m all about the glam. Another staple in my wardrobe are retro 70s colours and styles to my clothes which has been my penchant since I was a teenager in the 90s (now, another era the kids call retro – I mean, HOW RUDE!)

So for my latest purchases from FL, the company who deliver on time, swiftly after ordering and have a very easy returns policy, I have chosen some summer toggs to give me a blast of the brights and bolds from the decade I just managed to slip into when I was born right at the end of it. I think in my heart, as Florence feels about the 90s, it was the decade made for me when it comes to fashion and music and I love to wear things which take me right back to the retro 70s nights (no wonder my Mum felt so affronted that we called the 70s retro – I see it now) my friends and I used to go to!

A little ribbed two piece with a flare and a crop. Loving the brick colour to this one though wearing it could see me be no wall flower!

I’ve also decided swirling patterns and halter necks are now or never when it comes to sunshine days and keeping that retro vibe going I’ve been using the glorious weather we’ve had as an excuse to wear this. I have been so comfy in it that I’ve been able to beach day, exercise and even have a glass of wine. Now you can’t say fairer than that!

I think choosing a dress of any style be it retro 70s like mine or something for a very special occasion, a summer dress, dresses for the day time, Little Black Dresses, White Dresses, floaty numbers, skater length, maxis, midis or midaxis and it’s often hard. I looked around the shops recently for hours upon hours and it was such a fruitless exercise while I came home exhausted and nothing in hand at the end of it. I’ve decided that I hate shopping for dresses in the real time and much prefer on line which is where Femme Luxe comes into its own as they really do have such a large offering they will be your one stop shop!

Of course it’s not just dresses, you can see from my blog that they sell everything including co-ords, loungewear and right now for the summer, a personal fave of mine, the humble denim shorts which are a staple in most people’s wardrobes. Finding the right pair however and that’s another story that you’ll definitely get to the end of the chapter with at Femme Luxe – so many great ones to choose from!