A Hobbycraft Halloween!

I used to be very crafty when I had the time. I even used to make cards and sell them! I would spend hours making embellishments for them and I really enjoyed it but when I had Florence the time just disappeared and my card making boxes are all packed away now. I did briefly get them out for my wedding invitations but my Mum ended up doing most of the donkey work in the end because I just couldn’t find a minute…

Ah well… I get to do lots of different types of craft with Florence nowadays and that’s so much more fun anyway! She is a bit of an arts and crafter too and will happily sit sticking, gluing and drawing for hours. When we arrive in Norwich while visiting my Mum there is a big Hobbycraft near the station; we sometimes pop into to buy paints and materials and she loves to choose lots of little bits. It’s a bit like a sweet shop really as there are so many lovely things in there!

You can buy lots of embellishments as well as craft packs, I always feel a bit spoiled for choice! Florence has been using a Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Pack and it’s really good fun. Just up her street and well within her capabilities! She has the Sea Life one but they have lots of different options and are really great fun!

Hobbycraft Halloween 1

Scratch Art packs from Hobbycraft are inexpensive and lots of fun!

Hobbycraft Halloween 2

The results are really satisfying!

I expect we’ll be going to Hobbycraft for all of our Christmas crafty bits. We like to make unusual cards for the festive season, something special just for the Grandparents. Last year we did reindeer paintings on canvas using hand and foot prints so I have to think of something equally as good this year!

Christmas Craft

Our card from last Christmas!

I might be getting a bit carried away with myself though as of course Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet! Hobbycraft also have a splendid section for this time of year too and we have been trying out the Snazaroo face painting kit! Florence loves to have her face painted and in the past I have bought cheap kits which haven’t really been very good – this one however is fab! It’s small and we only had three colours but for a Halloween treat it’s just the ticket! Florence likes having flowers and I’ve watched the face painters do it at parties so many times that I thought I’d give it a go! Not bad really and you get a brush with the kit which is handy!

Hobbycraft Halloween

Florence wanted to be a princess so we made her a Halloween one!

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