It’s An Asda Easter!

Everyone keeps talking about the bunny shaped crumpets from Asda which are on sale for Easter! They are so cute and everyone loves a crumpet, (or a primp as we call them because that was how Florence used to say crumpet-we often adopt their pronunciations even though I know we shouldn’t; sometimes it’s just too cute! We don’t however use Jimmy’s way of saying football… Let’s just say it starts with an F and rhymes with DuckDuck!) so who wouldn’t want one shaped like a bunny?

Asda sent us a packet of the crumpets and we love them! Soft, yummy and shaped like a bunny! A perfect Easter morning treat! They also sent us some of the other bits and bobs in their fantastically priced range which is so much more than chocolate eggs – although the cornflake cakes with chocolate eggs on top are pretty yummy and mini enough to pack two or three in the lunch box for a treat!

Asda Easter Post

Yummy chocolate nest cakes and the children were most impressed when they got these bunny crumpets for breakfast in the week!

To go with the crumpets and cakes our parcel contained Asda’s fillable eggs (Love these and use them throughout the year for various things too), a gorgeous felt egg collecting bag, some delicious chick shaped marshmallows and bunny ears which Florence has worn every day since!

We had so much fun in the park the other day filling the eggs with marshmallows and hiding them for hunts!

Asda Easter Post 2Asda Easter Post 1

Early Easter fun in the park!

Asda is wicked because picking up loads of little extras like this won’t break the bank on the weekly shop. Little Easter treats as a little extra! Very impressed!

I was sent some Easter goodies from Asda for the purpose of an honest review.