Back To School 2021!

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Back To School 2021!

Well, that’s it, another summer holiday over with me feeling like it just wasn’t long enough. It definitely wasn’t sunny enough (bloody UK weather and no foreign sun) but it was certainly all the fun and my heart hurts that they are all back at school. Although my house may get a much needed clean and tidy and it does mean dedicated time for Posie!

Florence started high school (gulp) last week with an induction afternoon Wednesday followed by her first proper day on Thursday and wow it feels odd that my tiny baby girl is now going on a bus every day on her own, to high school in the city, not home at the end of the day when we are but much later… She looks so grown up in her uniform and I could cry but am also so proud. She’s set flight, she will soar, I can’t wait to watch her, my beautifully, clever and wonderful girlie! Year 7, here she is! OR lower fourth as it happens to be at her school!

Going for induction day!
And in on the first day – just like that, a high school girl!

Jimmy started today in year 5 with a teacher he has had before and who he really likes which makes up for him only really having one friend in class. The one friend he is with, he has always been with, so that’s lush, but he’s sad not to be in a bigger gang. He will be fine though and has gone back all Jack Grealish inspired with his hair, refusing a cut (I support his right to not have a hair cut, Jesus there more important things in life!) and loving football the first time ever. He’s been telling all about phages and his theory to cure COVID19. I mean it sounds plausible, I’m not sure Year 5 will cover his desire for a science lab but you never know?!

Raffie goes into his last year of nursery before school which kills me a little… I had wondered at one point if I’d send him at all, wanting to keep him with me but he is so loving being there and definitely wants to go back. He’s ready, it’s just me that struggles!

And then there were two. So Posie Pops and I will have some fun, do some jobs and wait for our gang to get home.

What a whirl summer was. Now we can look forward to half term!

Florence in L4 (Year 7), Jimmy in Year 5, Raffie in last year of nursery and Posie Pops at home with Mummy while Daddy’s going off to teach year 1!
My gang and me!