Baked Beans – A New Twist To That Old F(L)AVOURITE!

As a Mum of two growing children my aim when it comes to feeding them is to give them healthy and nutritious home-made fodder on a daily basis. Obviously as a busy Mum of two growing children I don’t always have the time to prepare something homely from scratch and I often reach out a hand for a short cut – that hand is very often gripped firmly by Mr Heinz!. I don’t feel guilty if I give the children something which I would eat myself and Heinz food is something I adore, I think as a nation it’s something we all adore! Just last night we all had Heinz Tomato Soup for supper (I love it with crackers and cheese for a quick but substantial warming meal) and you simply can’t get better than ‘Heinz Beanz’ on toast sometimes!

We’re big ‘beanz’ fans in general actually and I would say we have them at least one a week! Well it’s just such a convenience and they contain lots of goodness! You can even get organic and lower salt versions so there’s a can for every taste! I mash them a little for Jimmy and spread them on toast for him to pick up and he loves them! Jonny is probably a bit more of a bean connoisseur than the rest of us and has for years ‘bean’ adding things to his cans for extra flavour. One of his favourite add-ins is ginger. Now I’ve never fancied that one myself but I am rather partial to a bit of grated cheese on top and as if Heinz just sensed my husband’s desire for ‘flavoured beanz’ they have brought out a range of five different ones for us to shake up our old favourite meal!

There are five new types of ‘Flavoured Beanz‘ to choose from and I have to say after trying them that my favourite is ‘Curry’! That was totally unexpected actually as I initially wrinkled up my nose thinking about it. I’ve no idea why now because the combination is awesome and I also really like the ‘Garlic and Herb’ flavour which is another one I couldn’t quite get on board with on paper. I think the trick they’ve used is that they tastes like you’ve added something freshly yourself and not, as I had thought they might be, like a synthetic taste has been added to the mix. The ‘Fiery Chilli’ is another good’n’ although I wouldn’t give it to the little ones! More up their street is ‘Cheddar Cheese’ and ‘Barbecue’! All the flavours are subtle but make a noticeable difference and just throw a new twist to an old ‘fLavourite’ (see what I did there?)

Saving yet more time but adding a new dimension to ‘just beans on toast for tea’! We really like the new ‘Beanz’ flavours and think you will too!