Bratz Are Back!

Last week I was invited to an exclusive event at the Sanderson Hotel in Central London to celebrate the re-launch of a brand of dolls we are already rather fond of! The Bratz! They’re back and they’re better than ever!
The newly transformed Bratz collection has been re-designed to fit the fashions and styles of every girl. Let’s face it, fashion dolls seem to have traditionally been blonde and of a certain type but everyone is different so how can everyone relate?
The new Bratz world gives us fashion dolls for today’s girl and sassy, stylish and cool are very much on the agenda without conforming to normality! There’s a Bratz doll with a shaved head one side, dolls from difference races and ethnicity and the colours are not all baby pink with sparkles! Very different and I loved them!
These were three of my favourites from the new collection!
These were three of my favourites from the new collection! You can really see how they differ from traditional fashion dolls and don’t they look fabulous!
Bratz 3
The new ranges are really modern too like this #FierceFitness range!
Bratz 1
The Study Abroad range is my favourite so far I think, although it’s hard to choose, because I just LOVE this ‘London’ Bratz doll. There’s a Brazilian one that I have to buy for Florence’s Brazilian friend next birthday – so cool!
Bratz 5
Starting at £16.99 for one of the core girls and moving up in price for one of the larger boxes containing more accessories, the dolls come with modern accessories such as smart phones and of course, they all come with a hair brush (that’s the most important thing to Florence)!
Bratz 6
I thought the accessories were brilliant, both those that came with the dolls (larger packs come with tablets, magazine, extra clothes and even pizza for a girlie night in in some ranges) and those you can buy separately such as the photo booth which will fit your own smart phone to take pictures of the Bratz wearing funny accessories!
I’d say that traditionally dolls like this have pink cars and I love how the new Bratz have mixed it up by making the car blue and far sassier than other similar toys!
Bratz 2
Pocket money accessories come in the shape of things like extra shoes! Now I do find it a strange concept that their feet pop off and always have done but it doesn’t faze Florence in the slightest! It also means the girls can wear any type of shoe from flat pumps to trainers to heels, again not something most fashion dolls can cope with plus you’re less likely to hoover them up by accident than you are tiny shoes!

I love the new range and I know that Florence will too because this is a modern day fashion doll for a modern day little girl. It’s all a big journey on from the type of dolls I used to play with who all seemed to have blonde hair and high heels. There may have been a brunette in my collection I think but her skin was the same colour as the rest of the dolls and none of them wore glasses or did anything different with their hair! This range is far more individual and far more inspiring for young girls to be who they want to be!

Looking forward to seeing more of the Bratz soon! They’re available in Argos right now but everywhere else on 31st August too!

I had a great time at the party and even got to make my own lipstick, perfectly and just for me! In whatever colours I chose to mix up! I was definitely channeling the new Bratz style and made myself a very red glittery number! I haven’t got it yet but when I do I shall call it my unique to me lipstick, and that’s exactly what each doll can be to a little girl, unique to them!

Making my own lipstick!
Making my own lipstick!