Brunch? Don’t Mind If I Do!

I have brunch most days. I don’t have time for breakfast and the children like their lunch at about half eleven so I pick at what I’m making them and skip lunch. My pickings of delicious morsels like the crusts from Florence’s sandwiches or a stolen half of Jimmy’s bag of crisps make up my daily brunch!

So… I’m not unfamiliar with the notion…

However, the brunch I had today was about as big far cry from my brunch ala norm as I could possibly get. Today my brunch was utterly, utterly stupendous!

I was invited to One Canada Square, a fairly new and pretty swish restaurant at Canary Wharf (Have you been? The area is flipping brilliant for shopping, cocktails and food and in the summer makes me feel like I’m somewhere fabulous in the med)! The invitation was to join other bloggers for a ‘Tweet Up’ over brunch to try some of their truly scrummy sounding menu! They actually sent me a copy of the menu with my invite, take a look, as if anyone would decline having had their taste buds tingled with this!


The menu!

Now I’ve reviewed restaurants before and it’s one of my fave jobs as a blogger – it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it right? I love food, good food obviously and I also love taking pictures of the food before it gets demolished. Eating, photographing and reporting on food is never a problem for me but I’d never been to a ‘Tweet Up’ before and have to admit I struggled to eat, Tweet, picture AND socialise; I’m afraid I chose putting the food in my mouth over physically talking and I shamefully didn’t get to know my fellow diners as well as I’d have liked!

I’m really sorry everybody and I promise to practice Tweet/real talk/eat/camera action so that next time I am the perfect ‘Tweet Up’ attendee! I did get to chat to the lovely Amber from American Tour Guide who effortlessly managed to juggle all four jobs and beautifully made her way round the whole table. (You made my brunch with your funnies Amber and it was lovely to meet you!) And I also had my little crew of the ever so stylish duo, Katy from Modern Mummy and Alice from An Essex Wife as well as my gorgeous cousin Helen and we managed to gas away together even with all the food… Yep, I did say ALL the food! There was a blooming lot of it I have to say and it was all totally yumtastic!

The best eggs, the most delicious bacon, pork crackling, some spicy avocado you wouldn’t believe, soft shell crab to cry over, a cooked breakfast like no other and much, MUCH more!

All washed down with fresh vibrant juices and Saturday morning cobweb blowing cocktails!

And finished off with a cronut! I was, until today, a cronut virgin but I am one no more and I don’t plan on abstaining when it comes to them in the future either!

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking! (I just have to say this… Everything you are about to see was consumed by me this morning, not little bits of each dish but EVERYTHING, I literally ROLLED out of my new favourite restaurant in Canary Wharf!)


A Canary Mary that’ll knock your socks off!


Bran, Apricot and Cobnut muffin – warm, crumbly, just the right side of sweet!


Oh yes! I love fruit and the seeds made it just so good! The plum in the granola was perfect too and it’s inspired me to eat more fresh fruit at home! So healthy but super delicious and those buttermilk pancakes were literally mouth watering! 


TWO types of Eggs Benedict and in fact I could have even had more… Seriously! I’ve never tried soft shell crab before but my word was this one good! A little bit salty, a little bit crisp, a delicate flavour of crab which didn’t over power the egg… Definitely a highlight!


More Bloody Mary’s, the traditional and the dangerously good Beetroot and Raspberry Mary and for good measure I tried a non alcoholic Green Twist. I thought it might be revolting because it has spirulina in it and I’ve only ever seen people make sour faces when they talk of spirulina but actually it was utterly drinkable, sweet and energising! 


Avocado and Chilli on toast with bacon and a full English with a very classy twist! LOOK at that duck egg! (Actually have to admit I did share the One Canada Square full breakfast with Alice and didn’t eat it ALL)!


As if that wasn’t enough we all had this yummy desert, the cronut, which was absolutely gorgeous! A doughnut made with croissant dough… Very clever and with the peanut cream, my word it was good. It did, sadly, beat me and I had to leave a good quarter of it! I’m not very pleased with myself I can tell you!

It was the perfect brunch and beats my usual brunch antics any day! If my photos and descriptions haven’t tempted you enough then have a little peek at where you can peruse the full menu at your leisure! I don’t think you’ll regret a visit to this super eaterie and as I mentioned, the area is a great place to be in general so combine a visit with a shopping trip and wander in the sunshine around the docks! Jonny and I used to go all the time before Westfield popped up and today has reminded me that we should go back there from time to time instead, it’s far more cosmopolitan and if it means I can pop up to have another one of those delicious cocktails at One Canada Square then all the more reason I say!


Take a look at the menu on line for more tempting!

I have not been paid or asked to write about the Tweet Up. The food was fantastic and the restaurant is a real gem, all opinions are entirely my own and I had to share with you what a wonderful morning I had. Thanks One Canada Square for having me!

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