Bugaboo News!

I’ve talked before of my love of the Bugaboo Bee. We have one of course. Actually, we have two. Excessive perhaps but I knew I wanted a Bugaboo before we even had any babies to put in it and when I found out I was pregnant it was first on my shopping list. When I later had Jimmy they had updated the Bee to a Bee plus and I was desperate for the newer version too!

I actually love them both and still use them both too. I have my old style one at my Mum’s and my new one I use daily in London. It is the perfect City buggy! (I also have a Bugaboo Donkey which is excellent for other reasons and I am a buggy obsessive so I just love to have different ones for different occasions).

Bugaboo Bee Original















My Bee original with a comfy Jimmy!

Bee In The City Squirrel 6

My Bee Plus with Jimmy inside and Florence on the buggy board!

BUgaboo Donkey

My Donkey packed to the max in single mode with the shopping basket full and Florence on the board while Jimmy enjoys a ride!

Now… There is an even newer version of the Bee on the horizons. I haven’t seen it in person yet but I will do soon and from what I can see from the pictures they have updated it perfectly! I never had a major problem with there not being a carry cot for a newborn and found the cucoon worked brilliantly but there was always something about the look that I missed and when I had Jimmy in the carrycot of the Donkey I could see he definitely had much more freedom in the buggy and in an ideal world would choose one. The City living Bee just didn’t used to afford a carrycot however and it was a compromise I made because overall it was the better option.

With the new Bee though, guess what?! It HAS a carrycot too! This new Bee looks like it really is the ultimate and has taken my favourite buggy ever into absolute perfection mode! It also has new fabric with an SPF 50+ in the canopy and with 64 colour ways to choose from you can make yours bespoke to you!

I want one naturally. I can’t help it… It’s kind of like wanting the latest in a new line of TV or tablet. This buggy is technology and beyond practical. I can’t wait to see it properly when it is launched on 1st September so watch this space for more info soon!

Bugaboo 3











The new Bee 3!

I mentioned the colour ways didn’t I! I love updating my Bugaboos with new canopy and foot muff options and my favourite of all time is the Warhol designs! Bugaboo now have a new very special and exclusive one in the collection! The Andy Warhol Blondie version is being auctioned off on 3 very special Cameleon 3 pushchairs to benefit the charity Kids Company!

Blondie Warhol - Cameleon3

The exclusive Warhol Blondie Cameleon3 – Only 3 in circulation to be auctioned for charity!

The first auction will take place on the 11th September 2014 with the second and third beginning on 18th and 25th respectively and lasting a week! Find out more details here!

So… If you want to get your hands on this piece of art, collectors item and practical choice to boot then get bidding and help this fantastic charity support the vulnerable inner city children they help with practical, emotional care. It’s so worth it!

I have not been paid to write this post.