Bunny Jump For Easter!

We’re off to the farm today for some Easter fun with Daddy ahead of next weekend when he has to work! It’s an excellent farm and really gets into the spirit of each holiday. We will have bunny jumping and egg hunting as well as getting to see all the baby animals who’ve arrived for spring and fingers crossed for some sunshine, it should be a lovely day!

There WILL be chocolate. There always is when it comes to Easter isn’t there! And then next weekend there will be even more I’m sure… I know that the children will be given eggs from lots of different people so I do like to buy them something a bit different myself. I’m not sure what I will give them this year but I LOVE the idea of this game I’ve heard of called ‘Bunny Jump’ by University Games.

The aim of the game is to catch the bunny when he randomly jumps from his burrow to protect the carrots growing in his garden! I could see this being a real hit for the whole family with lots of giggles!

You have to spin the arrow and take it in turns to pull out the carrots. But watch out – if you see Bunny Jump, you’ll have to catch him to win extra carrots. The player who’s collected the most carrots wins. I’ve not played it but it sounds brilliant for someone of Florence’s age and wouold make a fab alternative to yet another egg!

It’s exclusive to Toys R Us for April and May and I bet will be a big seller this Easter!

Bunny 3D

Fab sounding game perfect for Easter!

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