Clanger Home Planet – Review!

As you may have noticed, we’re going a bit Klanger crazy here at Rocknroller Baby towers and have been having a fabulous time playing with all the new Clanger toys to go with the series from Character! Jimmy especially has been enjoying them and in him I have seen a whole new way of playing while he uses them. He becomes very calm and quiet as he plays and as he makes the little figures have conversations with each other he also makes the lovely little Clanger noises. It’s small world play and absolutely beautiful to watch.

The latest toy we’ve been sent to review is the fabulous Clanger Home planet which comes with Granny Clanger and a pop up soup dragon. I love that this playset comes with a figure who is different to other figures with other sets. it’s a bit of a shame when you keep getting the same figure with every item in the collection so they’ve thought about that perfectly. A while back Jimmy got very into Peppa Pig toys and although they were all great, each set did come with a Peppa pig so we have rather a lot of peppas and not too many of the other characters whcih is a shame.

Jimmy giving the Klanger Home Planet a good play with!
Jimmy giving the Clanger Home Planet a good play with!

The home planet has a docking station for the music boat (which is sold separately and we reviewed a couple of week’s ago here) so that ties in nicely and as well as that it has a removable swinging hammock bed, a moveable telescope with three stations to put it, soup wells (and the pop up soup dragon) and a cave for the Clangers to slide down. Usually I like to photograph toys we review while they are still in their packets but Jimmy ripped right into this one as soon as he saw it and before I had a chance – he was very, VERY keen! I had to tidy away a few toys over the weekend for us to have an open day on our flat (we are moving) and temporarily hide some of them in the car to make their room look a little less cluttered. Jimmy abslutely wouldn’t allow me to take the Clanger home planet out of his sight!

There's loads of really col features to the Klanger Home Planet!
There’s loads of really col features to the Clanger Home Planet!

As well as the home planet we were also sent a pack of Clanger figures which is the best one we have been sent yet. I love that this little pack would make a great present on its own or if you were, say, Father Christmas, you could take them all out of the box and have them wrapped individually as stocking presents. All the best Clangers are present including another little Soup Dragon. Their arms and heads move and they all fit perfectly with the other toys in the collection. We think they’re great!

Little Klanger figures!
Little Clanger figures!

The Clangers is such a gentle lovely programme and the toys totally invite children to play in this manner with them. Jimmy is totally smitten and Florence loves them too. Great programme and a great set of toys to go with it!

We were sent the Clanger toys for the purpose of an honest review.