Colgate Total Interdental Toothpaste – A Review!

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Two weeks ago I wrote about how I was going to take on the 30 day challenge using my new ProClinical A1500 electric toothbrush from Colgate. It has a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not wholly satisfied with it which is rather confident of them! The brush is VERY  pricey and I was keen to know how they could justify charging so much for essentially something I usually pay 15 pence for with a bog standard value tooth bush from the supermarket.

Well ‘m not going to give my full review until the end of the 30 days and we’re only just over half way in but I wanted to say that so far I’m very impressed. I’m a bit annoyed I like it as much as I do actually because I really didn’t want to. My initial thought was that the price was ridiculous and I’d never pay that sort of money for a toothbrush but now that I’ve used it I’m seeing that actually, it’s really good and probably worth spending out on… I don’t like to part with money for things like this and usually feel a little bit cheated when I have done so but my teeth are feeling so clean and without meaning to sound like an advert, they feel dentist clean! You know when you’ve been for a polish and think ‘I’d like my teeth to feel like that every day’? Well, they kind of do now…

Anyway, enough about the wonder brush, I’ll be back in a fortnight to give you the full low down. For now I must tell you how I’ve been getting on with the tooth paste I’ve been using to accompany it!

Colgate told me that their Total Interdental is the latest advancement from them it would change the way I feel about brushing my teeth! They also said: The patented technology enables Colgate Total Interdental with its millions of micro-cleaning particles to continuously fight plaque and clean deep between teeth to reach where your brush can’t and gives an unbeatable, superior clean you feel instantly.

I’ve been using it for just over two weeks and again I’m quite surprised. £3.49 is quite a lot more than I would usually spend on  tooth paste and I had expected it not to be able to live up to they hype. However, I really enjoy the delicate yet fresh taste of the minty paste and the texture, which is bitty but isn’t offensive or unpleasant. It does leave my mouth feeling really clean and refreshed, so much so that I find eating food for a good hour or so afterwards is marred by the fact that my mouth still feels ‘just cleaned’.

I have tried it with my new toothbrush but for argument’s sake have also tried the brush with another paste and the clean feeling is certainly more so when using Total Interdental.

Other good points about this toothpaste are the fact that a little goes a long way, the spout seems to draw back any paste squeezed out and not used and it has a flip-up lid which is easier than a screw on one.

My teeth are certainly looking and feeling cleaner and I’m sure in part that’s to do with my new toothbrush but again for arguments sake I have used the paste with a regular toothbrush and although I have to work harder with the brushing, it does give quite a brilliant clean

I will probably buy this toothpaste again at some point although I expect I wont have to for a fair while because two weeks worth of use has hardly dented the tube at all so I think this one will go on for quite some time. It’s that age-old thing of getting what you pay for again I think! I buy expensive make-up because it is better quality and actually lasts longer so the price is actually just a bigger first place lay out but saving in the end. I feel that with this tooth paste it’s the same principle. I like it and I can recommend it honestly.

Another two weeks and I can tell you exactly what I think of my toothbrush!

I have not been paid for this post but I have been sent the two products mentioned for trial and review purposes.