Baby Led Weaning!

Baby Led Weaning works for us because firstly my children, neither of them, like to be fed by anyone else. I think sometimes it’s thought that babies HAVE to have mush which if you feed them at 3 or 4 months as has been the advice in the past then that might be the case but it’s not recommended these days that we start to wean our babies until they are 6 months old and by this time they are quite capable of dealing with more than puree. I certainly find it a lot easier to let my baby get on with things and explore the food on his own and he’s happy so we’re going with it!

Most of the time I give him what we’re eating ourselves if it’s appropriate but obviously some foods are just too small and some have to be adapted. I also do make him food just for him that is easy to hold and easy to eat but it is ideas for this and ways to adapt food that I have stumbled against many brick walls when looking for on the internet. I have then, been forced, despite my cooking ineptitude to come up with my own ideas and recipes. Some of them I’m actually rather pleased with so thought when I come up with a recipe I really like that I’ll publish it on my blog. So, these posts are my own baby led weaning recipes and other baby led weaning things!

Baby Led Weaning? No Other Option! Why I started baby Led Weaning.

Mini Pea and Cheese Frittata Recipe! This is a simple recipe which can be adapted to suit tastes. It’s super easy and the children love them! They’re excellent for a lunchbox snack too!

Mini Sweetcorn and Spring Onion Scotch Pancakes Recipe! A friend of mine came up with the idea for these and I have adapted the recipe to suit me. It’s another really easy one that can be taken out in the lunch box.

Potato, Butterbean and Tomato Croquettes Recipe! I love these easy to make and eat finger foods which are a whole meal in one!

Nākd Bars and Infused Raisins Review! The perfect healthy snack for baby led weaning!

Hipp Organic Baby Food Pouches! Finally a baby food pouch he will eat and all the better that he can suck them like a straw through the spout and feed himself!

Fish Cake Pop Recipe! My two are weaned now but I still use recipes like this one as they’re novelty and fun for the children as well as being a great baby led weaning recipe!

17 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning!

  1. Thank you – will pass the recipes on to my sister. She’s having great success with this method so far – and so much less messy!!

  2. I used baby led weaning with my eldest daughter and will be doing the same again with my new baby when she’s ready for food, I love your recipe ideas above so will be using them on her!

  3. interesting, our little chap is being weaned at the moment, so far he is going very well.

  4. I worry about this new wait till 6 month to wean rule, it was 4 months the recommended when I had my first child. Bottle fed babies seem hungrier than breast fed babies and need weaning faster in my experience, does anyone else find this advice worrying?

  5. We used baby led weaning with both of our children and I’m so glad we did. They are both really good eaters now , with really good table manners too. It was such a fun process too. X

  6. I have a nearly 4 month old son so will be thinking about weaning in around 8 weeks so this is going to be really useful, I have heard of baby lead weaning and will definitely be trying it this time round as I didnt with my other 2 children

  7. I was forced in to Baby Led weaning by my daughter who refused to eat from a spoon, it was the most scary experience yet… 😉

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