Grow Your Own Gardening Challenge With Heinz!


We were offered the chance to grow our own tomato seeds as part of a challenge with Heinz this summer and we’re enjoying it so much we thought we’d share all our updates on a page of it’s very own!

Find out all about our tomato plants progress here!

The Challenge And Planting Our Seeds!

We Have Shoots!

We Have Leaves!

A Heinz ‘Grow Your Own’ Update!

A Pickin’ And A Eatin’!

I was not paid to write about this challenge but I have been offered an incentive to enter the ‘Heinz Grown Your Own Initiative’. The incentive is a hamper of goodies if I keep updating you on our own growing journey. I have to say though, for this challenge, there is no incentive needed as we are more than happy to grow our own tomatoes and blog about it, but it’s jolly nice of them so we thought we’d let you know!

14 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Gardening Challenge With Heinz!

  1. We have just made a raised bed in our garden and my twin boys and I are busy planting seeds this spring. Hopefully we shall have peas, lettuce, spring onions, rocket and tomatoes. It looks like your going to have great fun with this challenge good luck x

  2. I found their Facebook competition really exciting and I was logging on to their page every day. Unfortunately the seeds arrived quite late in the season so we have a tomato plant without any tomatoes yet and we’re unlikely to get any now. I hope they do the competition next year!

  3. I was so excited about Heinz’ Grow Your Own challenge on Facebook. I was logging on to their page every day. I managed to win a toddler wheelbarrow which my little one loves but my seeds arrived really late in the season so we have a tomato plant without any tomatoes. It’s unlikely that any will come now. I hope they do this challenge again next year and send their seeds out a bit earlier. It’s really intersting planting your own stuff and seeing everyone else’s.

  4. My plants came late too but we put them in anyway -nothing ! nevermind -we will grow radishes instead- they seem to grow anytime!!

  5. We grew our own pumpkins this year – we had five but only ended up with two, the kids were really excited and we are going to crave them in the morning – I must say that I didn’t realise how much room they took up. Next year, the kid’s want to grow strawberries.

  6. In response to remarks about the good quality of my soil I started ‘softly’ with potatoes and onions which came out very well before moving on to leaks which also did me proud. Bring on the tomatoes!!

  7. Great idea for getting kids outside and learning about how foods grow and planting them for themselves! Even if you have a tiny garden you can use planters, window boxes etc x

  8. Now that we have a bit of a garden, I really want to grow something with my 2 year old. I’m thinking green beans would be an easy start.

  9. I don’t have a garden but my mum does and we’ll be planting some bits with my grandson in her garden 🙂 She lives very nearby so we can check daily

  10. We have recently cleared a place in the garden for a growing patch and have invested in a greenhouse for my little one to start growing his own vegetables and herbs

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