Dearest Jimmy – You Are Twelve!

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Dearest Jimmy – You Are Twelve!

Dearest Jimmy,

You are twelve! TWELVE! It doesn’t feel like it could possibly be twelve years since you were born in the living room but here we are and at twelve you are utterly fabulous! Quirky and kind and full of interesting facts! You throw yourself into everything, from sports to learning and we are so super proud of you!

You love an argument (maybe not your best trait, but then you are mine) and you are as stubborn as a mule, but at the same time you are soft and sweet and a massive cuddler!

We love you SO much Jimmini Billy Bob, our best, most beautiful, big boy! Who is still pretty little really. Twelve is a lovely age for you my darling Jimmy Buster Bumblebee and we can’t wait to continue our birthday celebrations through to the bank holiday weekend – yesterday was a fun treasure hunt, chocolate fondue breakfast, a day at school with your friends (a missed bus meant we got our “to the minute you were born” picture), football training, a Chinese take-away, presents and cake! There’s more ro come!

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